5 Things To Look For In A Face Shield For Gardening


Face Shield For Gardening

Gardening is a practice many take up as a hobby, with others doing it as a business. Either way, it emanates from the point of passion. Like any other hobby, you want to enjoy it without distraction and discomfort. One of the elements that make your garden experience enjoyable is a face shield. It’ll ensure you’re focused on the task at hand until you’re done without worrying about smudges on your face.

As a gardener, do you want to enjoy this kind of comfort? You must consider buying a face shield for your gardening. How then will you choose the right face shield? This article discusses aspects to look for during your purchase.

  1. Comfort

Comfort is key as you garden. You don’t want to stop work every two minutes to adjust your face shield. Therefore, it’s best to seek comfort from your face shield. What aspects do you check?

Ensure that your chosen protective face shield is adjustable. It should have a string or mechanism where you can tighten or loosen it, depending on your needs. In addition, check to see that it has padding where it’ll rest on your forehead. Padding is an essential component since it’ll minimize pressure on your forehead, especially if you decide to tighten it. It also prevents dents from forming on your forehead due to strain.

Last but not least, a comfortable face shield should be light. You don’t want anything weighing down your head as you plant your flowers. It might lead to migraines, causing you to stop your gardening.

  1. Facial Coverage

When gardening, you handle a lot of mud and water. They tend to get on your hands, clothes, and at times your face. Among the three, the riskiest splashes happen on your face. There’s a possibility of dirt and chemicals getting to your face and even your eyes, causing harsh reactions. Some chemicals might be too strong that you end up in your doctor’s office because of two splashes in your eyes. What does this mean? It means you need to invest in a face shield. How will you ensure maximum protection? Ensure it completely covers your whole face.

The shield should start at a considerable height from your forehead and end over your chin. This way, no splash will get to any part of your face, preventing your face from getting dirty and from accidents.


  1. Visibility

You need your vision as you plant your flowers. Proper visibility enables you to carefully handle the tools you’re using and avoid accidents. Since a face shield is an addition to your eyesight and stands between your tools and eyes, it needs to be clear.

Clear means it should be transparent and not translucent. A translucent face shield will cause too much strain to your eyes, which isn’t commendable. Also, you’ll be breathing on the face shield’s inner surface. Fogging might become an issue and hinder your ability to see clearly. Therefore, ensure your chosen face shield has an anti-fogging feature. Be sure to ask the seller about this.

  1. Brand

Brand refers to the manufacturing company of the face shield. Many companies sell face shields. Not all offer high-quality shields, so you need to factor this in during your purchase.

Before heading to the store, research the various brands in the market and visit each company’s site. Check what previous clients are saying about their face shields. Is some complaining of durability issues? Besides the reviews, try and find out how the company dealt with the said issue. Did they ignore or did they follow up?

Besides product reviews, check the company’s reviews. Does it have any bad publicity? Is it facing any lawsuits due to substandard goods?

All in all, it’s essential that you settle for a brand known for its good reputation and whose products have stood the test of time over the years. You’re more or less assured your face shield will serve you efficiently by doing this.

  1. Cost

Though face shields aren’t quite expensive, you still want to get value for your money. Before settling for any face shield, ask the price from various vendors nearby. Comparing prices will help you gauge the amount of money you should be spending on your gardening face shield. With this insight, it’ll be challenging for a vendor to take advantage and charge you a higher price.

Besides comparing costs, it’s essential that you also compare the features of a given face shield to what you’re paying. If it has advanced technology, a high price will suffice. However, it must still be affordable. If possible, negotiate the price the vendor presents to you.


Finding the right face shield for your gardening needs isn’t a daunting task. This article has given simple but effective tips for ensuring you land on the right face shield. Be sure to adopt them, and you’ll enjoy your gardening. One take-home is to let your needs be your guiding principle if you’re conflicted on the features to consider.

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