5 Things To Look For When Taking Down Dying Trees


Taking down trees should be done professionally. This way, your safety is assured. You may review the tree service Fallbrook team online to get some tips on cutting dying trees. Such trees may be infected with some disease or may be due to a lack of water. Peeling of the bark or high temperatures may also lead to dying trees. Contact Philadephia arborists, a professional in cutting trees which may advise you on ensuring that the tree is revived or may recommend removal to avoid spreading the disease to other trees.

Here are five things to look for when taking down dying trees;

  1. Identify Dying Trees Early

Dying Tree

To do so, you need to look out for the following symptoms. Most dying trees have poor structure, decay on leaves or roots, and joint structure. Cracks, cankers, and Deadwood are also symptoms of a dying tree. When you identify such signs, you should seek professional help to ensure that no infection can spread to the other trees. It is advisable to immediately cut down the tree if the professionals recommend it affects other surrounding trees and plants.

  1. Cutting Equipment

Cutting Equipment

For small trees, you may cut them down if you have the right tools and equipment. When you hire a professional tree service Fallbrook to cut down trees, you should also ensure that they have the right equipment. You need protective gear such as Kevlar covering your legs, a big hat, and appropriate gloves and goggles for protection. Footwear should also be protective. Other equipment includes a first aid box, saw, and a ladder. You may also require a rope, an ax, and wedges.

  1. Tree Examination

Tree Examination

This is very important because it helps you identify dead branches, the space available, and nearby trees and how they may be affected when you cut down the dying tree. You may then consider trimming the branches of the nearby trees to clear space for the dying tree to land when it’s cut. You should also check in the direction the dying tree is leaning on. This way, you can quickly determine the side to start cutting it.

  1. Seek Professional Help

Professional Tree cutters

Cutting a dying tree requires an expert’s input. They can identify the cause of the problem and help prevent other trees from dying. They also can professionally remove the tree without causing damage to the buildings or any other crops or trees nearby. Remember your safety is essential in tree removal. That is why you should hire professionals in Salt Lake City tree removal to avoid accidents at home.

  1. Permit

Tree Cutting Permission

Before cutting down a tree, you should ensure that the legal process is followed. If you hire professional tree cutters, they already have a license to cut down trees. But if you are doing it on your own, it is essential to get the legal documents first. Everybody should be actively involved in environmental conservation. That is why there are laws governing the falling down of trees.

As much as possible, you should take care of the trees for the sake of the environment. But some trees die either due to old age infection or human activities. The above tips will guide you if you want to cut down a dying tree.

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