5 Things You Need To Know If You’re Selling Your House For The First Time



Deciding to sell your house fast is always an emotional moment. And, if this is your first time doing this, there’s a lot of confusing information out there.

Do you hire an agent? Do you fix every little problem? The questions are endless, and generally, most of the answers don’t say much more than “it depends.”

But fret not! We sat down to bust all the common myths and answer the six most frequently asked questions first-time home-sellers may have. So, without spending any more time on the intro, let’s get started with the first thing on our list.

Hiring An Agent To Help You Sell Your House Always Pays Off

Yes, or no?

While most questions around property selling are tricky, this one is a no-brainer. Our take is – definitely yes. While you may end up paying up to 10% commission to your agent, in the end, it’s all worth it.

Before you list your property on the market, the agent will be able to help you price the house correctly to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Not only that, but it’s in their interest to find a buyer quickly (to learn more about this, you can go to WeBuyCLE as they’re experts in selling a home quickly).

An agent will also take care of the sales process, and in some cases, you may not even meet with the new buyers.

You Have To Set A Realistic Price On Your Property Based On Numerous Factors

Most people that are selling a house they call home will price based on feelings. And we get it; there are a lot of emotional moments in there.

But a buyer doesn’t care about that. Instead, they care about getting the best bank for their buck, so they’ll always be attracted to a property that’s reasonably priced.

So, find what listings near your house are worth and price accordingly. If you’re looking to sell quickly, list at a lower price. Suppose you’re okay with waiting a bit, price around what other properties are going for.

Very Rarely, You Will Get The Asking Price

Selling any property is a game of negotiations. You’ll rarely get the exact amount you are asking for. However, if your property isn’t exactly in high demand, a buyer may try to negotiate to lower the price.

But there’s a different part of the story as well. If you have multiple buyers interested in purchasing the property, you can even get double what you’re looking for.

There’s A Trick To Listing Your House, And It Mostly Revolves Around The Time Of Year

List your house in the early spring. Most people aren’t looking to invest in a property during the winter months, and Christmas is the worst time to try and sell a house.

Also, make sure to choose the time you’ll list the property based on when your home is looking its best. Meaning, if you have a lush green lawn in July that makes your homes among the best looking on the block, then list at the end of June.

Dealing With Problems On Your Property Can Either Help You Sell Your House Faster, Or Turn Away Numerous Potential Buyers

If your house has a major problem, you have two options – either get it fixed before listing or make it extra clear about what the problem is and how much the fix will cost.

Under no circumstances should you hide that there’s a major problem happening. Hiding a problem can turn away many potential buyers and even hinder your selling process.

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