5 Time Saving Tips For Home Cleaning

On September 15, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

Certain words send chills down your spine.

Home Cleaning

I know those two words have a chilling—and draining—effect.

Some of us dread cleaning. It’s hard to put a fun spin on this task. And society places high expectations on home owners to present a professionally cleaned home at all times.

How do people get this right?

I learnt I’m simply doing it wrong. A few adjustments made all the difference.

Starting a new—healthy—habit can be challenging. But the reduction in cleaning time is worth the effort. Why didn’t I do this earlier in my life?

Here are five tips to start with. They will reduce your cleaning time and make you grateful you read this to the end.

  1. The Right Equipment

Furniture Cleaning By Vacuum Cleaner
You probably noticed a vacuum cleaner is efficient. I’m not talking about carpets. A vacuum cleaner is more effective than a broom or a mop on smooth flooring. Pet hair and other dirt are easily dealt with.

Their only problem is moving the cord between different power outlets. But is this enough reason to ignore a vacuum cleaner’s charm?

Luckily technology brought us an easy answer.

What you need is a robotic vacuum cleaner. These units automatically roams through your house to pick up dirt.

It’s not as powerful but dog hairs and other fibers are now taken care of. Take out your normal vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning. But your house cleaning time is much shorter now.

We have analyzed and made a list of best handheld vacuum For pet hair which is small, lightweight but powerful enough to suck up dust and dirt very easily.

  1. Keep it Together

Microfiber Dusters
You start cleaning with your duster. You realize the windows need to be cleaned too. You get the squeegee. You go get it. But you forgot to bring the bucket and water solution.

You just wasted a lot of time. If you don’t know where an item was stored last it’s even worse.

What’s the solution?

Store all your cleaning products together.

Whatever room needs cleaning you’re ready. Being organized makes any task slightly better.

  1. Be Smart and Cut Corners

Clean Corners
That sounds wrong right? But it’s true. You’ve been doing it wrong all these year.

Doing one chore during the day reduces the cleaning time on washing day. These handy chores have excellent characteristics:

  • They are easy to handle while you’re going about your normal routine.
  • They save time.
  • They limit frustration.

Line it Right

I hate putting in a new trash bag. It’s simply a tedious task.

This trick minimizes my frustration.

Line your trashcan with the bag. Place another one inside. Keep lining the trashcan with about 10 bags on top of each other.

The next time the can is full you simply take out the bag and walk away. Your trash can is already lined.

Clean while Showering

Clean Glass Doors After A Shower
Clean glass doors after a shower. This prevents grime and stubborn stains from setting in. It also means you can skip this chore on cleaning day.

Quick Answers for the Oven

I hate it when food drips inside the oven. It means I can’t shirk my responsibility of cleaning the oven.

Luckily a genius inventor manufactured oven liners.

These liners are safe to place in your oven. They catch and absorb food drippings so your oven needs less tough cleaning.

And the mat? You simply cleaned it in water. You don’t even waste money on replacing liners.

How to Make Ironing Fun

Watching TV. That’s one activity everyone has time for. What’s your favorite pastime?

Mixing fun with work has two results:

  • You’ll get the work done faster
  • You’ll feel less irritated even if there’s a lot of work

Tackle your load of ironing while you catch up on you favorite series.

Being smart when it comes to house cleaning or organization saves you time.

  1. Shoes at The Door

Shoe Storage
Do you constantly have dirt in your house? Blame your shoes.

Dirt and grass stick to shoes and mess up your clean home. They also cause scratches on your floor that you have to polish later on.

Stop the cycle.

Ask you family to leave shoes at the door. This has to be compulsory at least on rainy days.

This is also an excellent way of teaching children responsibility. If they forget to take their shoes off or put them in the cupboard they have the chore of cleaning up.

A carpet at the entrance also does wonders. But if you want to change your cleaning experience some extreme measures may be worth it.

  1. Make it a Family Affair

Domestic Cleaning Services

The most extreme cleaning approach is when you can make it a team effort. If chores are done by three people instead of one your cleaning time significantly reduces.

Will your family be willing?

I think this is the best way of building trust, relationship and a sense of responsibility. Cleaning just gained more value!

Make it a competition of who can clean allocated rooms the fastest. Or set a time limit. This helps children to not get distracted or parents from procrastinating.

Make up other games too. The fastest dish washer can pick the movie.

This sure beats one parent having to clean everything alone.

When everyone has to clean they’ll remember to mess a little less too.

In most aspects of life you can cheat and cut corners. Why not do it with your home too? Making cleaning easier means you can do other things you enjoy. This is enough motivation to try new tactics. It’s not about being fast. It’s about being smart.

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