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Bedroom Interior

Let’s face it: tiny rooms mean storage issues. Add to that the fact that it’s tough to organize things up when you have limited space. This might make a tiny room look even more cluttered and ugly. But why live in a cramped space when you can rearrange everything to make it look bigger and beautiful?

Luckily, implementing some unique ideas can help you transform a tiny room into a spacious one.

Let’s explore these easy-to-apply room ideas that will not only add a touch of décor to it but will also make it look enticing enough to lift your mood.

  1. Add A Series Of Paintings

Add A Series Of Paintings

We’re not talking about bulky paintings here. It’s wise to go for three A-4 size paintings grouped and hanged in a single line. Besides adding a touch of organization, such a style of paintings will reflect decency and décor.

Want some uniqueness? You can also get one of the paintings customized by choosing the photo to painting on canvas option. For the other two paintings, it’s best to choose neutral colors, earthy tones, or softer shades such as green, yellow, and grey. You can add to that a touch of fantasy by hanging some string lights beside the paintings.

  1. Use Mirrors

Full Length Mirror

Filling your room up with mirrors of various shapes and sizes is a surefire way to create an illusion of a spacious room. As the light from the window reflects on the mirrors, it naturally gives an enlarged effect, thus, making a tiny room look bigger. However, you should know that this trick will work its magic when there’s sufficient daylight.

Instead of placing a mirror on every wall, choose the middle corner of anyone wall and install at least three to four mirrors on it. If you don’t want to invest a lot on several mirrors, you can buy just one full-length mirror and place it creatively in the room.

  1. Choose Wallpapers Wisely

There’s a misconception that wallpapers are suited for spacious walls only. But here’s the truth: wallpapers can make even the small walls widened up. However, this doesn’t mean you should go for just any wallpaper. Since the goal is to add depth to the focal wall of a tiny room, it’s important to choose bright-colored, bold wallpaper that has an enlarged pattern.

Even if you’re not a big fan of wallpapers, here’s a replaceable idea: paint all four walls in the form of stripes. You can choose contrasting colors to create depth within the walls. Contrasting strips will trick the eye in a way that the room will seem bigger to everyone. Interestingly, there are various paint colors to choose from.

  1. Cut The Clutter And Let The Flooring Show Its Beauty

Wooden Flooring

Tiny rooms have one thing in common: the space of the room is mainly occupied by the bed. Though you cannot do much about it, you can still make a wise choice. While shopping for a bed, choose the one that has storage drawers beneath the bedding. This will not only save your storage space and make the room look clutter-free, but it will also help you save on additional furniture you otherwise had to buy for storing all your belongings. The absence of an extra storage table will also make the flooring look more visible and create the effect of a larger room.

Rugs do enhance the beauty of any room. But they might not work for smaller rooms. If your flooring is appealing enough, it’s better to remove the rug and let the shiny floor do the magic.

  1. Go For Vertical Shelves

Vertical Shelves

Built-in shelves are ideal for tiny rooms. However, you should think creatively while designing these from scratch. An effective way to do this is to build these shelves by covering the entire wall. If the shelves are designed vertically, they should be extended to the ceiling.

This will create a fuller effect, accommodate all your artwork, and enlarge the room. Plus, the effect will be an open, enlarged floor that will make the room look bigger.

The Takeaway

Remember that the key is to create an illusion. Plenty of lighting, a touch of bright colors, and the placement of several mirrors will give a bigger look to your tiny room. The bonus: all these elements will enhance its overall décor. So, why wait then you can do it on your own? Begin revamping that tiny room today and see the difference!

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