5 Tips And Tricks On How To Give Your Bathroom A Designer Look


Designer Bathroom

Designer looks are often the sought-after project types by homeowners. It makes a room noticeable by giving it a one-of-a-kind flair. To make your bathroom the standout of the house, there are a few tips that any project maker can follow.

  1. Don’t Go Overboard

Designer bathroom tiles on a television show are made to look like simple changes that take place in less than an hour. The reality is that you’ll need more than a commercial break and dramatic reveal to get the designer look of your dreams. Planning is everything, so you should have a project time estimate before buying the materials. If you rush into changing the look of a bathroom, then there is a high chance that the project will take longer than expected. In worse circumstances, it will remain unfinished.

  1. Be Creative

Bathroom Mirror

What you see on television, in a magazine, or online should serve as an inspiration rather than the completed blueprint. If your friend shows you their new designer bathroom, would you copy it 1:1 when starting your new bathroom project? If you use inspiration as a creative tool, then it will open the doors for brand new ideas. Take a day off, and compile all of the bathroom ideas that you find the best. From those ideas, create your very own project design that rivals the competition.

  1. Tile

Bathroom Tiles

Tile is a no-brainer for any bathroom designer look. This is the one area where it makes sense to splurge, at least in an attempt to make the design more consistent. White is considered the best choice for a designer bathroom tile, but it isn’t the end all be all. Consider other colors, and stay open-minded when it comes to the size of the tile. Larger tile is a better style for newly created designer bathrooms.

  1. Change The Tub

White Bath Tub

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When you’re redesigning the bathroom, there is no reason to overlook the tub. It is the centerpiece of the area and has the power to degrade your overall look. Many bathroom makeovers consider their old tub passable enough to survive a designer look. This mistake leads to the tub standing out like a sore thumb in the middle of an impressive new design. There are situations where it makes sense to completely remove the tub and replace it with a stand-up shower. And there are also situations where a garden tub is a logical answer to the basic look of a traditional tub. When making a bathroom design change, consider all of your options, including the tub.

  1. Lighting

Have you ever considered the lighting in a bathroom? A designer bathroom can look bleak and depressing without the right lighting. Consider the small choices like accent lighting for aesthetics. If there is a window in your bathroom, make the lighting dramatic with the right curtains. When lighting is the focal point, it enhances every part of your bathroom.

One Of A Kind

Take your idea from paper to reality by utilizing the tips and tricks of a designer bathroom plan. Bathroom makeovers are extremely popular, and designer looks are instant showstoppers. Once you finish with the bathroom, you’ll never want to go back to the old look.

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