5 Tips For A Clutter-Free Home


Clutter-Free Home

We would all love to live in a clutter-free space. It’s possible with the right attitude, the right tools, some elbow grease, and access to full service junk removal. If you are accustomed to a home overflowing with clutter, altering that reality may initially seem impossible. The good thing is, once you grow accustomed to a junk and clutter-free environment, it’s easier to stay the course with small everyday actions. Here are some tips on achieving and sustaining a clutter-free home.

  1. Don’t Allow Clutter In

Prevention is always more desirable than resolution. It’s easier to stop a problem before it begins than working on getting rid of it. This principle applies to clutter. Once clutter starts to accumulate, it’s hard to get it out. Ergo, avoid activities that are more likely to lead to clutter. Top of the list is free gifts, impulse purchases, and great discounts.

As a general rule, think about what it is you are about to buy and whether you need it. And when you do purchase it, consider whether it will be coming in as a replacement for something else you can then discard. The old item can be stored with other house junk that you could eventually entrust to a junk removal service.

  1. Manage Your Paper

Paper clutter is the easiest to get rid of but also the one that accumulates the fastest. The proliferation of technology has meant plenty of previously paper-based communication is electronic. Still, a sizable amount of paper makes its way to the home.

You can’t get rid of all paper clutter, but you can take steps to minimize it. The key is dealing with paper as soon as possible. Create a system that allows you to quickly place the incoming paper in various categories, including filing, temporary hold, and discard.

  1. Make Donation And Junk Removal A Routine

Most of us will collect our old clothes and unused items for donation or junk removal when a charity comes calling or when we’re moving. This, unfortunately, doesn’t augur well for keeping clutter at a minimum. It’s unpredictable, and there may be large timeframes between donations or removals.

It’s more effective if you develop a process for setting aside items beforehand. For instance, anytime you identify something you don’t need, you could place it in a bag, closet, or store. Then, each quarter, half-year, or full-year, depending on how quickly the stuff piles up, you can take these items to a charity or contact a junk removal service.

  1. Containerize

Sometimes, what seems like clutter is, in fact, useful, necessary items that are simply not well organized. One of the best-kept secrets of keeping your home clutter-free is containerization. This does not necessarily mean placing items in containers but rather setting aside specific places in the home where certain categories of items are kept.

Whether it’s plates, books, shoes, clothes, toys, pens, toiletries, or makeup, all you need to do when you run into these items elsewhere in the house is return them to their rightful place. Even a Christmas tree needs a home in a Christmas tree storage bag with wheels. To simplify the process, don’t have too many such zones. Just three or four to cover the key broad categories should work.

  1. Don’t Buy Every Organizing Product

Home organizing products are the paradox of home organization. From shelves, drawers, boxes, and containers, each organizing product in the market usually promises to get rid of the chaos in your home. Yet, it’s easy to quickly find yourself drowning in the clutter of the organizing products themselves.

Don’t buy whatever organizing product you run into out there. Most decluttering can be done without adding any new storage units to your home. If you have to buy an organizer, take the time to identify the one that’s right for you.

If you want a stylish, welcoming home that’s free of clutter, apply these tips to your entire home.

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