5 Tips For Aircraft Hangar Maintenance


Aircraft Hangar

Keeping an aircraft hangar neat and maintained is essential for keeping the aircraft inside in good condition. These aircraft maintenance tips will help you keep your hangar pristine and clean day after day.

Aircraft Hangar Overview

Whether it’s at your home or on business property, some airplane owners or companies want to construct their own buildings. If you do that, you should decide the hangar you need that fits your budget.

Common options are:

  • T Hangar: This building has a T shape and is made with just enough space to fit the plane. It’s a low-cost hangar but still offers full protection from the weather. However, there isn’t a lot of room for maintenance.
  • Storage Hangar: This is a step above the T hangar. It has room for the plane as well as materials and parts for maintenance.
  • Shade structure: This is a roof with thick beams to protect the plane from sun, hail, and other damage. They are affordable and a good choice for people who use the plane often.
  • Maintenance Hangar: This building has a lot of room to move the aircraft and do repairs and maintenance. They are the most expensive and biggest, but they let your teamwork on the aircraft with the most efficiency.

Tips for maintaining the aircraft hangar include:

  1. Lots Of Space

If you have purchased a steel kit aircraft hangar, it’s vital to have plenty of space to work once it’s set up. This will let your maintenance crew get around the aircraft and other equipment without causing an injury or damage.

As you consider the right aircraft hangar for your company’s needs, it’s critical to avoid having too little space. Always err on the side of making the hangar bigger, even if it is more costly upfront.

  1. Floors Must Be Clean

Maintaining the aircraft means tools, electrical cords, rollaway boxes, hoses, and much more all over the hangar. All of these are tripping dangers where a worker can get hurt or knock over critical equipment.

Experts recommend using an overhead retractable reel if you can. And keep cords tied down, so there isn’t a risk of injury.

  1. Be Aware Of Foreign Object Damage (FOD)

FOD is one of the top causes of airplane damage. It also can affect personal safety in the building and be costly to fix. So, keep operation and ramp areas as clean as you can. And adhere to the appropriate FAA program for tool control and have proper storage available for all machinery.

  1. Plenty Of Ground Support Machinery

Maintaining aircraft and the hangar requires a lot of equipment and people. You need fantastic ground support machinery so maintenance processes unfold fast.

Some equipment you should purchase for your aircraft hangar are:

  • Aircraft tugs
  • Testing carts
  • Aircraft jacks
  • Electric tugs
  • Airplane stabilizer stands

The equipment on hand should always be properly matched with the aircraft and organizational goals. A maintenance hangar that isn’t well-designed will lead to accidents and inefficiency. But if you put money into an excellent hangar and equipment, your company will be able to provide the best aircraft service.

  1. Look At Aircraft Hangar Doors

The doors on the hangar must be easy to open and close smoothly. Also, they need to hold the building closed during wind, snow, and rain. So, maintaining door integrity is essential for the well-being of the aircraft.

Many problems can affect air hangar doors, including electrical problems, rust, and mechanical issues. If they stick, they can be dangerous to your team and aircraft. For any problems with the doors, talk to your maintenance professional immediately.

Aircraft are a major investment, and storing them safely is vital to protecting and maintaining them for the long run.

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