5 Tips For Creating A Kid-Friendly Backyard


Kid Friendly Yard

Play is the work of childhood. According to research, kids benefit a lot from spending time outdoors. Providing opportunities for kids to stay active is essential for their physical, mental, and social development.

But your boring backyard can be hard to entice kids with. So, the best way to keep your kids craving more time outdoors is by giving them a space that feels like their own. You can achieve this by transforming your backyard into an area where your kids will want to spend time and enjoy themselves.

Creating a kid-friendly backyard with diverse options not only encourages outdoor play but also emphasizes the importance of playground in fostering a child’s development. From physical activity to social interaction, a well-designed playground space provides invaluable benefits. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these tips for creating a kid-friendly backyard.

Making your yard fun and appealing to children shouldn’t take too much of your time and energy. By considering the following tips, you’ll be able to turn your backyard into the best spot where your kids can enjoy, create, play, and relax.

  1. Include A Play Structure

Outdoor Play Equipment

Kids enjoy playing by climbing, swinging, and sliding with their friends. To encourage outdoor play, consider a play structure suitable for different ages.

Furthermore, you can upgrade your play structure by getting swing set accessories to go with it. These accessories also allow you to customize your outdoor play equipment, making it safer for your toddlers or more challenging for your bigger kids.

There are different types of play structures aside from a swing set. Other common ones are as follows:

  • Slides: This play structure comes in different sizes and shapes and can be made from various materials. Your slide can either be open or tubular, depending on your preference. Some are short, while others are long and wavy.
  • Climbing Structures: Depending on your kid’s age, you can opt for simple or complex climbing structures. If your kids are younger, climbing structures with shorter ladders and smaller steps will be ideal. But for older kids, it’ll be best to go with challenging routes and steeper stairs.
  • Monkey Bars: Your kids can improve their upper body strength as they swing from monkey bars, getting from one end to the other.
  • Seesaws: Playing on a seesaw encourages communication and cooperation among your kids as they take turns going up and down.

Having one or more of these play structures in your backyard can spell countless hours of fun for your children and their friends.

  1. Add Child-Friendly Water Features

Kid Friendly Backyard

Kids will always love water, especially during the hotter months. A water feature will be great for your kids to stay cool outside.

You can incorporate water features by turning on your sprinklers and having your kids run through them. You can also make water balloons, which is a fun way for them to play together.

If you don’t have a regular swimming pool, an inflatable pool can be one of the best ways for your kids to have fun. Other water elements you may consider are water tables and bubble fountains.

  1. Get a Sandbox

Sand offers a great sensory experience for kids. Incorporating a sandbox allows your kids to mold and build using sand. But before getting a sandbox, check your backyard space.

If you’re working with limited space, avoid a permanent installation that’ll be hard to uninstall. To be safe, go for portable options like sand play tables.

There are more permanent options for larger backyards, such as a wood sandbox with a bench and canopy to protect your kids from the sun.

  1. Choose Good Ground Cover

Playground Wonderland

If your backyard has a hard surface like concrete or paving stone, you’ll have to make it safer for your kids. A cushiony surface will prevent your kids from getting hurt if they fall from the play structure or trip while running. There are numerous ways to cover your ground based on your budget and preference. One suitable option is using interlocking playground tiles.

A more traditional choice is to use artificial grass in your backyard. Artificial grass is easier to clean as it can simply be hosed down with a cleaning product that keeps bacteria and odors at bay. You also won’t have to worry about draining as this grass won’t have mud or wet blades.

  1. Install An Arts And Crafts Area

Switch up your art sessions by taking them outside. Setting up an arts and crafts area will encourage creativity and self-expression in your kids. This would allow them to do big and messy art projects.

Bottom Line

Turning your backyard into a fun space for your kids can be a great way of getting them to spend time outdoors. Making your backyard kid-friendly doesn’t have to be expensive. Get as creative as possible by incorporating different colors and shapes. You can easily work with whatever you have and ensure that your kid gets the best out of the experience.

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