5 Tips for Creating a Wet Room

On March 28, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

A wet room is a cool and modern addition to the home. These rooms are popular in Europe and are catching on to people in the United States. There are some tips to follow to create the perfect wet room to enjoy in your spare time. Be prepared, though, it will require some effort and patience. And do find a proper removals company if you don’t have a proper vehicle, because there will be some need of transportation – a simple man and van will be enough for every such need.

5 Tips for Creating a Wet Room

Add Warmth

Many people think these rooms are chilly due to being all tile. The use of cream and beige tile can give the room a warmer look and feel. Adding some wood around the windows can also bring a feeling of warmth to these rooms.

Use Texture

The use of texture can make a wet room feel bigger than it actually is. Penny tiles in bright and bold colors can give the room a textured feel. Horizontal stripes and patterns can also help add some texture to the room. There are a number of colors to play around with that can add a new and exciting look to the room.

Vintage is Good

Many wet rooms can have a unique look with a vintage feel. Stone like tiles as well as the addition of a pedestal sink can give the home and old look but with modern fixtures. Take advantage of your reliable removal van help to the flea market and see what old school items and materials they offer there. You can find plenty of good pieces for decoration.


Add Sitting Room

If there is enough space in the room add somewhere that a person can sit. Benches, stools, and other sitting areas can replace built in shower benches. A person will enjoy sitting on the bench and looking at the beauty of the room that they have created. View the local shops, find proper furniture and send the moving van for the furniture collection to get all the right pieces together. Moving furniture can be a really time-consuming task.

5 Tips for Creating a Wet Room2

Glass Separation

If a person is worried about getting water all over the room they can use a glass panel to separate the areas they want to be wet and the areas that they want to remain dry. This will allow a person to sit and enjoy the room without getting wet and it will also keep moisture at bay.

These are just some tips to making a great wet room. This room can instantly become the main attraction of the home and give a person a place where they can relax. Enjoy the new room and brag about it to your friends until they come around and see what a good job you did.

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