5 Tips For Keeping Pets Out Of The Garden


It can be very frustrating for homeowners and gardeners to spend so much time planting and cultivating their gardens only to have it ruined by their pets who like to dig the plants or leave some “gifts” among the flowers or plants. Some pet owners resort to either keeping their pets inside the house, in a cage or some of them invest in the best invisible dog fences, which are very helpful not just in keeping the pets off the garden but also prevents them from stepping off the boundaries of the property where they may encounter other dangers like passing cars of other animals.

  1. Install A House For Them In Your Yard

Install A House For Them In Your Yard

Even though your pets may already have a bed inside your house, but it would not hurt to build them a small, inviting house for them outside. You can put a food bowl there and some of their favorite toys so that they will enjoy the time spent there instead of spending time in the garden.

  1. Put A Chicken Wire On Your Plants

Put A Chicken Wire On Your Plants

To prevent animals from being able to dig your plans and flowers, just place a mesh wire under your soil. Keeping them under the soil will hide the mesh wire so that it will not look unsightly.

  1. Use Citrus Peels, Coffee Grounds Or Spices

Use Citrus Peels, Coffee Grounds Or Spices

To keep your dogs out of the garden, you can try putting some ingredients that they around your garden. What are these things? Apparently, dogs do not like some spices. You can put a combination of equal parts powdered mustard and crushed dried peppers around your flower beds. Aside from spices, dogs are not also fond of bitter stuff like orange or other citrus peels, and also coffee. What you can do is not throw out your used coffee grounds, instead, add some citrus peels or orange and put it on your garden. What’s great about this combination is that coffee grounds can also be a fertilizer for your garden.

  1. Install Some Motion Sensor Sprinklers

Install Some Motion Sensor Sprinklers

Here’s another solution that can serve a double purpose too. Installing some motion sensitive sprinklers will warn off your pets. Once they set off the sensors, the sprinklers will turn on and if they keep triggering the sprinklers, they will lose interest in going to the garden because they will keep getting hit by the water. This is a great solution to not just thwart your own pets, but also other stray animals who might be tempted to go to your garden.

  1. Create A Zone In Your Garden Or Yard Just For Your Pets

Create A Zone In Your Garden Or Yard Just For Your Pets

If you have a large garden and there is spare space, create a zone especially for your pets. Once they realize that the area is for them, they are less likely to go to the garden to dig up the plants. If your pets like to dig, put a sandbox there or an area where the dirt has been slightly dug up. Just make sure to clean up the area regularly so that it will not smell in case your pets decide to leave their waste there.

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