5 Tips for Picking Out The Best Kitchen Remodeling Company in Toronto


5 Tips for Picking Out The Best Kitchen Remodeling Company in Toronto

Your kitchen is one of the essential parts of your house. It’s the place you create delicious meals for your family, teach your kids to make their great-grandparents’ heritage recipes, and gather with loved ones while cleaning up after holiday meals.

One of the best ways to enhance your family life is to upgrade your kitchen. However, choosing a contractor you can trust to do the job right can be difficult.

Luckily for us, the team at kitchenland.ca has put together a list of their top tips for finding the best kitchen remodeling company in Toronto.

Ask Your Friends

Often, the best way to find a kitchen remodeling company is through referrals. Many factors are to be considered when vetting the right contractor: price, efficiency, contractor attitude, overall quality, attention to detail, customer respect, and more. It’s difficult to measure most of these ahead of time without a personal referral.

If you don’t know anyone in Toronto with a new kitchen remodel, check online reviews.

How much will a kitchen remodel cost? The answer to this question is as unique as each kitchen remodel. That said, if you’ve requested quotes from multiple contractors, don’t automatically choose the cheapest. Inexpensive work often means faster, sloppier, and less detail-oriented performance.

Lower wages might encourage the contractor to “rush” things along, making mistakes or cutting corners. Other times it means your contractor won’t hire enough help to complete your renovation correctly or on time.

Your kitchen is most important and the focal point of your house, you deserve a beautiful kitchen renovation, right down to the smallest detail. If you need to cut corners, do it somewhere else—not in the contractor fees. The good news is that there are many proven ways to increase the value of your kitchen and thus your home by investing in a kitchen remodel.

Sidestep Scammers

Unfortunately, some “contractors” try to turn small or budget-oriented projects into a costly remodel. Others yet, may talk you into a pricey renovation—then disappear with your cash. While most contractors are honest, hardworking professionals, it never hurts to take precautions.

To avoid scammers, consider the following:

  1. Insist On A Contract: A contract holds your Toronto kitchen contractor responsible for all your desired renovations, from the alterations you envision to the deadline and budget you both agree. Without a commitment, you could become trapped in a late, over-budget kitchen remodeling project—with no legal ground to push for what you’d initially intended.
  2. Pay On Completion: Most kitchen remodeling companies request a small amount upfront; that’s normal. However, the bulk of the amount should be paid once the renovation is completed. A contractor who demands the entire payment before starting work should raise your suspicion.
  3. Pay With A Cheque (Or By Card): There is no reason for your contractor to need a cash payment. Legitimate Toronto businesses can take cheque and credit cards. If your contractor insists on cash, no matter their excuse, hire a different contractor.

Check On Licensing

Is your Toronto kitchen contractor licensed? Though it may seem forward and rude, it’s crucial to ask for a contractor’s proof of licensing before signing any paperwork. Licensed contractors in Ontario are vetted for skill and quality. Specific anti-scamming rules and regulations also bind them. If you don’t check your contractor’s license, you might hire someone who has a minimal idea of what they’re doing. A genuine Toronto kitchen remodeling company will appreciate the opportunity to showcase their hard-earned licensed status—so don’t be afraid to ask.

Find Out About Insurance

Imagine this: You’re mid-remodel. One of the contractor’s employees falls, resulting in a concussion and a twisted ankle. He has to take time off work—who is liable to pay for his living expenses while he recovers? Or maybe your contractor accidentally drops your new granite countertops in the hall and damages your hardwood floor. Who pays for new flooring?

Accidents happen. Insurance makes sure you don’t pay for the repercussions of those accidents. Talk to your prospective Toronto contractors about their insurance coverage, and select one with a protective stance toward your liability.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in remodeling your Toronto kitchen, you need to find a contractor you can trust. There are many ways to find the best kitchen remodeling companies: ask for licensing proof, talk to your friends, insist on a written contract, don’t go for the cheapest option. Our favorite piece of advice, however, is to have patience. Take your time to find the right Toronto kitchen remodeling company. With a quality contractor such as the team from Kitchen Land, your kitchen remodel could last for many years (and memories!) to come.

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