5 Tips For Styling A Small Home


Your fashion is on point, and your Instagram is perfectly curated. But what about your new apartment? If you have a cohesive wardrobe, it seems like it’s easy to translate that vision into your living space. Home decoration for a smaller space is a different animal, however, and it has different rules.

That is not to say you can’t incorporate your unique flair into your small space! Just take care that, when you’re adding flair, you’re doing so with care, as not to make your house or apartment feel less cozy or spacious than it ought to.

If you are worried about your homecoming off as cramped or claustrophobic, never fear! You’re not alone. In San Francisco, California, for example, an 840 square foot apartment will cost you an upwards of $3,000. Yikes! No wonder millennials are downsizing.

  1. Trick The Eye Into Adding Space

Unique Bubble Wall Mirrors For Living Room

How do you add space where there is none? Simple! It’s all about illusions. If you want to upgrade a tiny room, paint them lighter colors. If creams and whites are not your styles, pastels can be an interesting design choice. From there, it will be easy to add complementing accent pieces throughout the room.

Mirrors up the ante even further. They will essentially double the available visual space in the room. Visit a secondhand shop for a mirror that contributes to a vintage, rustic aesthetic or buy a sleek metal one for a cleaner look.

  1. Copy Your Idols With A Twist

Lizzie McGuire’s Bedroom

Did you idolize Lizzie McGuire’s bedroom growing up? Okay, maybe that was just me. I’m sure you had some childhood fantasy centering around a television icon’s living space, though. Bedrooms are sacred, intimate spaces. What better way to get into a character’s head than to see her private living quarters?

Now, it wouldn’t be prudent to copy a fictional character’s room beat for beat. They had set designers and bigger budgets! But you can and should take inspiration from the greats. A cost-effective way to implement this technique is to challenge yourself to mimic a room’s décor with secondhand or refurbished items.

Some characters even use this technique in their fictional lives. Take Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment: she used a mishmash of high-end and reclaimed pieces, giving her space a textured and lived-in feel. Try it yourself!

  1. Make Your Hobbies The Décor

Vintage Interior Design

When you’re dealing with limited real estate, it can feel like there is a war between decoration and functionality. Which one do you afford the space?

What better way to give your room a personality than to import your own? For those that are into reading, refurbish a bookshelf on the cheap and make it the focal point of your living room. Visitors will be drawn to it, and you can balance out the space it takes up with a mirror or a lighter color on the walls.

Those that are into the outdoors or gardening can reap the benefits of a green thumb by making their living space a veritable jungle. Hanging planters and low-maintenance succulents are key here. You want them out of the way and out of mind, for the most part, while they’re still in plain sight.

  1. Consider Remodeling


Remodeling a home is a big step, and it is worth considering. Apartments are more limited in their scope, though not off-limits entirely. An open floor plan might be just the ticket to getting the most out of your limited space.

If upgrading to more efficient appliances or maximizing the flow of your rooms sound appealing, it is worth consulting with a professional. “Modifying the layout of a home or adding more storage space can be a game-changer,” says Hestia Home Services, a renovation company that offers kitchen remodeling in Houston, Texas.

The addition of more cabinet space or removing walls that create odd barriers between rooms which ought to flow can transform your home into an entirely new space.

  1. Use Area Rugs To Your Advantage

Area Rugs

If you’re in a tiny studio apartment, area rugs can help cordon off and define different areas of the home that makes it appear as though there are more rooms than there are. For instance, if you want to divide your dining area from your living room, slap a cute area rug under the table.

The trick is not overwhelming the floor space with an area rug. While rugs can define large rooms, they can easily overpower a small one. Invest in tinier rugs that will make the rest of your floor look larger in comparison.

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