5 Tips For Using A Ceramic Tile Cutter Safely And Easily


Ceramic Tile Cutter

Using a manual cutter may seem easy to do. When you start doing it, you realize that it is challenging. Professionals use the following tips to give their tiles that perfect cut. Use them, and you will reduce the wastage of your tiles and increase your precision.

These Are The 5 Common Ceramic Tile Cutting Tips: Let At A Glance

Tip 1: The First Score

The first score is always the best. With the correct pressure and precision, it is always a successful cut. Running the scoring wheel back and forth is not recommended. This is because it can lead to irregular scratches and uneven braking. Always break the tile after the first score.

Tip 2: Applying The Right Pressure

The author, Jahidul Alam, of Tidy Floor, says, “Knowing the correct pressure to apply is vital for a successful cut. Using excess pressure may cause the tile to break even before finishing to score.”

On the other hand, applying slight pressure will cause difficulty in breaking the tile, and you might need to go over the scoring again, which is not recommended.

Tip 3: Protect Your Eyes

When using a manual cutter, it is recommended you wear eye-protective glasses. Small tile pieces can break and jump into your eyes, causing damage. Transparent glasses are recommended compared to tainted ones. This is because clear ones enable you to see your mark, hence accurate precision when scoring.

Tip 4: Marking Your Cut

If you are looking to reduce a tile by a certain measure, it is recommended to mark the place you want to cut permanently. Use a pencil and a ruler to make a straight line on where the scoring will occur. This helps increase your precision and also to counter-check the measurements.

It also helps reduce wastage. You can mark both sides of the tile but mostly the start and the endpoint. You can use as many tiles as you want to score efficiently.

Tip 5: Choosing The Right Tool

Always check the tile size you want to cut both from corner to corner and side to side. Then you must also check the thickness and the material of the tile. You now go and purchase a cutting tool that can do the task you intend to get done. Never use a manual cutter for cutting a tile above its indicated measurement.

Related Questions:

How Do You Use A Tile Cutter For Beginners?

You first have to measure the size of the tile. Know its thickness and also diagonal measurements and material. Go and purchase a tile cutter with those specifications. Position the lever by pulling it towards you. This enables you to observe the precision and how the cut is coming along.

Mark the area you want to cut using a pencil and a ruler. Place the tile under the rail rods and push until to the stopper. Position the tile with the marking just below the scoring wheel.

Push the lever away from you while applying minimal pressure until the other end of the cutter. Position the snappers and break the tile into two by pressing the handle. Smoothen the cut edges using a rubbing stone.

How Do You Use A Handheld Tile Cutter?

You first measure the distance of the tile you want to get rid of. Use a pencil and a ruler and make a mark for where to score. Hold your tile cutter and position it above the tile with the scoring wheel on the line. Use the other hand to be the guide of the cuter as you push the scoring wheel along with the tile.

Make sure the edge is well scored for a clean cut. Position the snipper and apply minimal pressure, and the tile is cut into two. Smoothen the edges with a rubber stone.

Can You Cut Porcelain Tile With A Manual Tile Cutter?

Porcelain tile is a bit tougher than ceramic tile. For this reason, it is recommended to get a cutter that can withstand this task. There are various cutters with different specifications. Always choose the most suitable one for your task at hand and maybe the one to come shortly.

The QEP’s Manual Cutter can work on both ceramic and porcelain tiles. If you do not know which cutter to buy for your porcelain, then I suggest you check out this cutter.

Final Words:

In a nutshell, cutting a ceramic tile is nothing but fun for those who will strictly follow the tips of this article. However, if you still face any problems related to cutting a ceramic tile, meet any expert near you.

An expert will help me make the process easier. This is how you can solve the problem.


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