5 Tips On How To Use Mirrors To Add Light And Space To A Living Room


Spacious Living Room

An ideal living room is spacious and full of light. Yet, it might lack air in reality, its ceiling might be too low, and the view out of the window might be imperfect. The easiest way to fix these issues is to decorate the room with one or several mirrors. In this article, you will discover five smart tips on how to do it best.

  1. Make The Mirror The Focal Point Of The Room

The focal point is the spot that all the eyes immediately turn to. It is the first thing that your guests see when they enter the room. It is the primary element you pay attention to when choosing new furniture or decor items for the premise.

There are “organic” focal points in some rooms — such as a mantel or a dining room buffet. It would be only natural to find a nice mirror to hang above them. On both sides of the mirror, you can hang sconces.

But what if you do not have a mantel? Consider buying a large mirror in a heavy frame and lean it against the wall. It would be nice to reflect trees from the garden, clouds from the sky, or elegant artificial objects. If there is nothing picturesque outside or you cannot place the mirror accordingly, double-check how people perceive their own reflections from inside the premise. You should not locate a full-length mirror so that your guests enter the room and get scared because they notice someone moving there!

Sometimes, a large mirror looks stunning enough against a blank wall. Otherwise, you can move a bookshelf close to it or statue a live tree in a pot. It should be a long vertical item.

If you have a plain mirror that seems too dull for the focal point, buy a nice frame for it, as if it were a picture. Alternatively, you can order a tailor-made frame. This budget-friendly approach will enable you to get a unique interior item.

  1. Turn The Mirror Into A False Window

Opt for the one that imitates a window frame. Measure the distance that separates your windows from the floor and hang the mirror at the same height. If there are several windows in the room, let the distance between the mirror and the closest window be the same as between the two windows. Below this mirror, you can put a dressing table or a chest of drawers.

If you prefer a mirror with a simpler design, try to place it against a window. This will allow it to capture maximum sunlight.

To attach any mirror to the wall, use two picture hangers or wall hooks. This will prevent it from falling and hold it flat to the vertical surface. If you rely on one small nail, the mirror might rest against the wall at an angle, distorting the reflection.

  1. Create A Mirror Wall

This will visually double the space of the room. The trick works wonders if one of the walls is narrow or the room is tiny. If you attach the mirror to a larger wall, it might get stained too easily. Plus, the effect of adding extra space would not be that pronounced.

Consider using a mirror that consists of multiple separate panes. This might be impractical for a bathroom — but it would look stunning in a living room with monochrome walls. In this case, the decor of the premise should not be overloaded with contrasting accents. These would create a chaotic reflection.

Avoid putting too much furniture close to the mirror wall. For example, do not put bookshelves or a TV stand against it. Ideally, it would help to place the dining table opposite the mirror to create a solemn and romantic atmosphere.

  1. Put Multiple Mirrors On The Wall

You can look for a set of mirrors in the shop or collect multiple mirrors of the same style. Actually, the mirrors themselves can be of any size and shape. It is their frames that matter and should be compatible with each other.

Use mirrors to cover cracks, stains, and other flaws on the wall. When you are hanging them, imagine that these are photos or painted portraits of your relatives. There should be a distance between them. It would help if you alternated larger “portraits” with smaller ones.

If you decide to decorate just one of the walls like this, it will look fabulous in any room. But you might consider decorating two opposite walls with a set of mirrors if there is a dining table between them and the room is narrow. This would be an ideal solution for striped wallpaper with a dainty vintage look.

  1. Buy Furniture With Mirror Surfaces

Among all the recommendations given in this article, this is probably the riskiest one. If there are too many reflective surfaces in the room, you will not be comfortable staying there. You can consult a professional designer and visualize your project in a computer app to avoid this mistake.

Furniture with glass and mirror surfaces goes in and out of fashion. You might fail to find it in a regular shop — but it should definitely be available in a shop with designer items, such as Room Service 360. Sometimes, it is enough to put just one small end table in the room to add space and light to it. In a neutral gray or beige interior, it will not look too futuristic.

Otherwise, you can consider a sideboard, a console, or a wall unit with mirror elements. It will look nice when surrounded by natural wood, live plants, and transparent plastic or glass.


A mirror is probably the most affordable and efficient solution to adding light and space to a living room. For this purpose, you should use new and clean mirrors. Their stained vintage counterparts might look gorgeous — but they reflect the light too poorly and usually look dim. Yet why not try it anyway?

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