5 Tips On Storing & Displaying Your Collectibles At Home



A collectible can be in any form as long as that particular object has a value to the collector. Collectibles can also be used to determine a person’s hobby or can describe a person’s identity. An example of this is when you see someone collecting different kinds of shells, you can determine that the person wants to be on various beaches, and you can tell that the person is quiet and calm.

Some people collect different kinds of pop culture collectibles, especially toys and action figures that you can see on other websites like Toynk. By looking at that person’s collection, you can also determine their favorite movie or tv show. Having a collection can mean a lot to some people, and they mostly take pride in it. They want to present their collectibles to everyone they know and brag about them.

But the biggest problem that any collector would ever encounter is how to display their collectibles well. If you also have that kind of issue, then continue reading; here are five tips on how you can store and display your collectibles in your house.

  1. Follow The Theme Of Your Collection

The first thing that you must consider to beautify your display is to follow your collection’s theme. This means that you should design or paint a color that would match the objects’ theme. For example, if you are collecting some shells, you should put some designs on your display related to the ocean. You can either put some sand or create a mini coconut tree as your design. This tip can be applied to any collection you have. Make sure to do some research and use your creativity.

  1. Don’t Over-Decorate The Backdrop

 Avoid creating a backdrop that can interfere with your collection. For example, if you make a busy wallpaper, a city with lots of buildings can distract the viewers’ attention from your display’s main star. It sure would look great, but it would steal the spotlight for your collections. What you do instead is to create a plain background that has soft colors, or choose solid colors if your collection looks pale. You can try searching on which colors are suited for the color of the theme in your display.

  1. Add Some Lights

A light would be great for your display. You can either add lights from behind, above, or underneath your collection. Before placing the light, try it first with a flashlight and use the light in all the directions to have an idea where the spot is perfect for your light. Look for the different factors and make sure that the shadows would not intrude on your collections. If you found the right position, the next thing you should do is choose the light color. Still, you should match the color of the light with the theme. For example, if you collected villain action figures, you can choose red lights to add some effects.

  1. Don’t Try To Fit All Of Your Collections Into One Display

Don’t be afraid to create another display in your house. An overcrowded collection would be displeasing to look at, which would make your guests ignore your collectibles. It would be best to give each of your objects some 1-meter distance to make your collection look neat. If you have an item in your collection that is bigger than the rest, you can place them on a different display in your house and let it be the star of another room. You can either present the object in your living room or put your favorite collection in your room.

  1. Provide Glass And Door Protection

It is best to secure your collections by placing them behind glass doors. The glass would prevent your collection from being broken when accidents happen. It can also prevent dust from getting into your collection, and you won’t have to clean it from time to time.

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