5 Tips Organize Your Kitchen And Get More Space In 2019


Who likes to work in a messy and clumsy kitchen space? No one. The kitchen is that part of the household that needs to be kept clean and organized at all times to perform better while cooking there as nothing is more terrible than the congested kitchen. So here we have come up with some spectacular tips to help you organize your kitchen and also create more space within the cooking for you to work. Here are those five amazing and easy to accomplish suggestions just for your convenience. Take a look.

  1. Store Dry Ingredients And Dry Foods In Swing Closure Jars Along With Their Cooking Instructions

    Dry Ingredients And Dry Foods In Swing Closure Jars

It is ideal to keep several jars in your kitchen to store the dry ingredients in them. Which organizes those kitchen shelves out and also makes room for other stuff. So what you need to do is, get some clear jars and store the dry ingredients like nuts, or spices, etc. in it along with the instruction parchment so that you can easily see for how long you can use the item.

  1. Use Hooks Around The Kitchen To Hang Tools

    Hooks Around The Kitchen To Hang Tools

Most of the time the kitchen is a mess due to the extra wash clothes and tools lying around the kitchen station. Which eats up so much space and makes your kitchen look like an absolute mess. Well here is a brilliant idea, buy some adhesive hooks and stick them to the walls around the kitchen. Then you can hang whatever extra tools like brushes or washcloths you have got in those hooks and make a lot of extra space. It cleans up space, and things remain in their designated area as well.

  1. Reuse And Recycle

    Flour and sugar jumbo packages

Flour and sugar are usually bought in jumbo packages and is a mess to take out every day during cooking and looks messy when you leave the pack open in the kitchen cupboard. Try portioning out a segment of the flour or sugar or salt into empty baking powder containers and relabel them as flour or sugar containers. It will save you a lot of time and make the work much more comfortable around the kitchen.

  1. Put The Silverware In The Dishwasher

    Put The Silverware In The Dishwasher

It is a great way to store the silverware by like items in the dishwasher. It also makes it super easy to upload and take them out later on when needed and makes the kitchen look organized as well.

  1. Save The Measuring Spoons In A Jar

    Measuring Spoons In A Jar

Measuring spoons just always go missing and can never find these when you need them the most. We all can relate to that. Try putting them all in a single jar by the stove. It will look good and save space and be much convenient to find as well.


These little tips can quickly help you make space in the kitchen when you are working there. Plus, the kitchen will not be over congested with stuff lying here and there, and you will be able to work more comfortably.

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