5 Tips To Buying Custom Furniture For Your Home


Anything custom-made always costs more than what you pick out from the shelf. However, custom items such as chairs can be a smart investment for your money. On the other hand, it may be a little bit challenging to buy custom-made furniture if you’ve never done it. Here are some tips to help you go about this.

  1. Choose A Solid Structure

Custom Hand Carved Sideboard

Custom-made items require that you invest a lot of money and time into designing them. Therefore, you don’t want your custom furniture to serve for only a short period. Go for a timeless design that is durable and long-lasting. In short, your furniture should have a future.

  1. A Decision On Color And Fabric

Color and Fabric For A Custom Furniture

It’s always good to begin looking for the color you want before considering the fabric. This is especially important if you’re going to order some free swatches from furniture stores. The color choice gives you a general idea of what you’d go for. This avoids the problem of having too many patterns to choose from.

Already decided on the cloth versus suede or solid versus pattern? Then, you’re a step closer to arriving at the result with no need of having to change it entirely while you are at the furniture store. You don’t have to change your mind once you’ve seen something that is different.

  1. Compare Fabrics Carefully

Compare Fabrics Carefully

Would you want something light but durable? You may have to compare more than ten versions of almost similar-looking fabrics. You’ll realize they’re very different. Paying attention to the makeup of the fabric is crucial. This includes the percentage of cotton, linen, viscose, or any other material that the fabric consists of.

You should do some research on the makeup and durability of the fabric you’re considering. Find a reputable website with abundant information on fabrics. If you have someone more knowledgeable in the field, utilize him or her.

  1. Protection

Furniture Protection

Any investment requires you to protect it. If possible, scotch-guard your pieces. It can go a long way in protecting them from stains and liquids over time. For instance, if red wine accidentally pours on them, it can’t last for long. Also, update the insurance of your home in case you invest in more significant pieces of furniture. It can help when emergencies occur.

  1. Let Go Of Your Choices

Custom Furniture Choices

Going for something costly and time-consuming can be daunting. You may feel like you’re supposed to think it over and over again before making a final decision. The best thing to do is to finalize what you desire and let it go. This is especially helpful if your budget for acquiring the furniture is a bit tight.

Once your furniture finally arrives, they would settle all your questions and assure you of their value. For instance, you’d know whether you chose the right fabric or not. If so, then you’d be able to enjoy your custom-made piece of furniture.


Apart from being a costly and time-consuming investment, custom-made furniture is very challenging to choose from. You require some knowledge concerning the durability of the fabric and its makeup. Also, you need to select a design that you’d want to use for long. So be very cautious and protect it.

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