5 Tips To Create More Storage Space For Your Room


Storage is essential, especially for those who live in small apartments without designated areas. There are clothing, accessories, and items that need storage space in your room or near the bedside—sometimes, organizing the shelves and drawers and cleaning are not enough to maximize space. Moreover, many have items of diverse sizes and shapes that are difficult to store out of plain sight. That’s when you need to get creative and rediscover new ways to store your stuff in the room.

  1. Scan Your Vertical Space

Honey Can Do Rack

Drying racks are useful after you wash clothing. However, you can also store your towels, blankets, and pillows on them when they are empty. Clothes dry in around 6 – 10 hours. Once these hours pass, you can place your items on the racks again. Find the tallest and best drying racks and use them to the fullest!

  1. Use The Space Under The Bed

Under The Bed Storage

Usually, king-sized beds provide 42 square feet for storage. Bedrooms are a haven for storage under furniture. Most of the space under the bed is not visible, so it provides a useful place for boxes, seasonal clothing, gift wrap, books, or linens. This kind of storage might get dusty, so it requires a little bit of maintenance. However, you can include it in your cleaning routine.

  1. Place Pillows In Baskets

Colorful Pillows

Pillows need to be stored, especially after setting up the bed. Pillows are versatile regarding space. Baskets come in handy and are good-looking storage places for extra pillows, blankets, or even the pillow you use every evening and want to hide during the day.

  1. Add Hooks Anywhere

Zig Zag Hooks

Hooks create vertical storage space anywhere they sit. They can be placed on the room door, on a hidden wall, or the interior doors of your closet. You can hang clothes you use daily or just shirts that you don’t plan to wash yet. They also save storage rooms for scarves, belts, hats, jackets, or other clothing accessories.

  1. Reconsider Your Closet

Front Closet

The closet needs seasonal analysis and cleaning. Clothing or equipment that one doesn’t wear anymore takes space that can be used for other items. When cleaning the closet, sweep the clutter and remove clothing or shoes you don’t wear. The remaining space can maximize with shoe racks, rods, or boxes for purses. If you have many t-shirts or clothes that extend less than 3 feet, you can hang them on two sets of rods and create spacing for more items.

Accessories, make-up, and jewelry cover plenty of space in women’s rooms. However, men tend to use the same space for sports equipment and gadgets. After a while, even a cozy bedroom might end up looking crowded. See which of these solutions fit your room and maximize as much space as possible!

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