5 Tips To Creating A Backyard Oasis


You don’t have to go to the desert to enjoy the cool breeze of an oasis. Instead, you can build an oasis in your backyard. A home backyard oasis is very welcoming. This is because it provides a place for relaxing when the sun gets so hot, especially around summer. With an oasis, you don’t have to use the air conditioner all the time. Even when you have visitors at home, you can go and relax at the lounge next to the oasis and still have fun-filled moments. Creating an oasis is not rocket science. All you have to do is dig the ground to make a pool, plant tropical plants, install lights and bring some furniture. Below are tips that can help you create a backyard oasis stress-free.

  1. Dig The Site To Make A Pond

Dig The Site To Make A Pond

When designing an oasis in your home, you should start with the most cumbersome tasks. The pond should be the first element because it can’t be changed like the plants and furniture. When digging the pond, you should be guided by the size of your backyard. Although the pond should occupy a considerable space, you should leave some space for other things such as furniture and plants to avoid making it have a congested outlook.

Since digging the pond with a hoe can be a daunting task, it’s recommended you use an excavator to dig out the ground soil. The pond should not be deep because it can be dangerous for kids and pets. Ideally, the pond should not exceed a depth of 1.5 feet. Such a depth is safe for everyone, including kids and pets.

  1. Reinforce The Walls With Concrete

Waterfall In Garden

Once you have finished digging the pond, it’s essential you reinforce its walls and floor with concrete and waterproof lining. This will help in preventing the water from being absorbed by the soil. This should be followed by adding some rocks. The rocks should be of different sizes and shapes to create an exotic look. You can even integrate the rocks with a furnace to create a waterfall.

  1. Add Trees and Flowers

Trees and Flowers in Garden

Trees and flowers help in creating a cool breeze. When looking for trees to plant in an oasis, you should opt for trees that grow tall so they can cover the pond when they are mature. Bamboo is highly recommended because it’s tolerant of changes in weather. You should also plant some flowers to give the oasis an elegant outlook. You should plant flowers that grow throughout the year to make sure that the oasis maintains its appeal at all times.

  1. Garden Furniture

Garden Dining Benches

If you want to experience comfort and convenience, you should consider putting Garden dining benches in the oasis. With such benches, you will be able to hold parties in the backyard without worrying about where people will sit. The benches transform your backyard into an outdoor dining area. When shopping for these garden benches, you should opt for the type that’s resistant to water and rusting. This will save you from the trouble of having to buy a new set of benches after every few months. In addition, the benches should be complemented with shades to protect people from the scorching sun.

  1. Secure the Oasis with Fence

Decorative Fence in Garden

Since an oasis can attract unwanted pests and animals, it’s essential you enclose it with a fence. It should have an entrance that can only be accessed through an outdoor that opens to the kitchen. A fence can give you an edge when you have some fish in the pond of the oasis because the predators will not be able to go through it.

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