5 Tips to Declutter Your House and Improve Living Space


Declutter Your House

If you have ever had to wrestle your way through the closet to find an outfit for the day – dig through a mountain of books – you know very well what you need to do.

Your house is a cluttered mess, and you need to sort things out to get your life in order!

You know you have got junk that cannot wait to be let go. But it seems to be a daunting task, and then there are things that you have accumulated over the years — Miss that coffee mug gifted by your ex on Valentine’s Day.

Finally, there are other family members who may not be happy with you throwing away their items of value — such as the old batteries that have been lying around for years and may come in handy someday (even though they have maxed out!)

Why Should You Declutter

There are multiple reasons to declutter your living space on priority: it may be causing you to stress that can be very dangerous in the long run, you can probably do with extra space, you have guests coming over and leaving a good impression is on top of your list.

You need to make space for the baby arriving in your family or something else entirely. Think of it this way: decluttering gives you a sense of control and, more importantly, peace of mind.

The extra space is just a bonus!

How to Declutter Your House

  1. Pick The Easiest Category

According to Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizing consultant, you should go about decluttering by picking up one item category rather than the whole room. This way you can tick off a category rather than moving to the hallway after the bedroom, discovering another set of clothes and having to go through the whole process again.

The easiest to decide for is clothes. Begin by taking on the off-season clothes as you will find it less hard to decide their fate and then move down the line. Ask yourself if you really need a certain item or it is simply there because it holds some sentimental value for you. It can add value to someone else’s life more than yours.

  1. Focus On The Positives

As you sort through your items, you need to remind yourself that all this stuff did not make you happy in the first place. Cleaning through unnecessary items and letting go will make you breathe easy.

This is also not the time to get sentimental so do not hold onto memories or the afternoon will be gone before you even start.

Focus on how liberated you will feel at the end of the process and not on useless mind-numbing questions like Will I even have anything left to wear? What will I do without these pair of leggings?

  1. Create A Sorting System

You can go with the minimalist theory where you label four bags: trash, give away, keep and relocate. This will aid you in the process of making decisions. Since you have limited your number of choices to four, there is no way to go but forward.

This will also help if you wanted to clean because you are moving or want to clear away a whole room for someone. The relocate label can be for the things that you wish to put into storage. It can be a sofa that is better put away until you can make space for it again.

A piano that will eventually move into a new home and needs some temporary time away etc. There are storage spaces for hire that help you put away clutter for best self-storage in St Louis and some other cities.

  1. Clear Off Flat Surfaces

It is usually these spaces that gather the most dust-collecting items. Be it your tabletops, countertops or the shelving section beneath tables. All these are magnets for items that we cannot decide for (think postage, unpaid bills, diaries, magazines, catalogs, books, and the list goes on).

You can use the same four-label theory for these items. Get boxes that you can put in an empty drawer (you may need to clean out a drawer first!) for the sake of organization and sort items by category.

Be mindful of one fact: only essential items can stay like small everyday appliances on the kitchen counter, but the rest have to go.

  1. Clearing Away The Bedroom

Since these are the well-decorated rooms of the house for many families, they tend to gather the most collectibles.

You will find belongings from every possible corner of the house in this room. Make your bed first then dive headfirst into the challenge. Clear away the tops of dressers, and tables first, then go through each drawer and shelving as you progress through the room.

Anything that has been living past its expiration date or use goes in the trash. Read books go in another box that you can tackle together as a category using Marie Kondo’s theory, but paid bills (or unpaid) and letters go into the boxes that we designed for them in the previous step.

Do the same with the living room and drawing room of your house. This way you will have taken care of the small steps that hinder you from getting on the clean living bandwagon!

Our Word

The process of purging your home of junk is not an easy one, but it will bring you relief after you are done. One of the ways to stay clutter-free is to change the way we buy. Question what you need and where it will go before you buy it.

Go through your shopping list as you are putting the items in their space afterward and learn lessons for the next trip. The process of clean, hassle-free living can continue if we modify our habits and patterns in the long run, followed by a vigorous episode of cleaning every season.

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