5 Tips To Decorating Your Home With A Coffee Table


Decorating your coffee table is an art. The tables are usually placed in strategic places in living rooms for the best functionality and beauty. This means they have to look good and equally function the way they are supposed to.

Coffee tables should look good indoors without disrupting how the rest of your living room appears. Keep basic interior decor guidelines in your mind even as you master other useful decorating tips. Here are five tips for decorating your home with a coffee table:

  1. Keep it Balanced

Balanced Coffee Table

Balance is an essential aspect of the display of any coffee table. Symmetry is one of the easiest ways you can be able to achieve balance. Pick a significant object to ground the display and place smaller items of equal weight visually around it on either side.

Even if the objects on either side are not identical, they should be able to balance each other regarding tone and size.

  1. Composition Matters

Stylish Coffee Tables

The composition is a challenging component to get the hang of, and it is one which most people have problems with when it comes to decorating a coffee table. Think about how all the items on your coffee table will work together as a whole to give your living room a stylish look.

It’s important for the items to connect in style, shape, color and even theme. It would ensure the display work as a single unit in cohesion with every time on and around it. To get right the display composition, one has to practice a lot. Therefore, it is important to play around with the placement of items until you get it right.

  1. Consider Size

Large Coffee Table

Decorating a coffee table requires items of the right size. The items should have the right size so they can’t easily get lost. They shouldn’t also be big such that that the functionality of the table will be altered by overwhelming the space on the coffee table. There should be enough room for placement of books, drinks, and remotes.

  1. Keep the Items on the Coffee Table Low

Coffee Table With Storage

When creating a display of a coffee table, there should not be anything that can obstruct the view of the people seated on the other side. The items should be visually light so their effect can’t disrupt any aspect.

The display should be lowered especially if space is to be used. Tall floral arrangements are only Instagram-worthy, but in real life, they are not suited.

  1. Avoid Overcrowding

Sosia Coffee Table

Sometimes it can be difficult to resist filling up your coffee table with more treasured accessories. However, it is important not to disrupt the standard functionality of the table. It can just be put on display for fun, but when you have the need of setting down your drinks or place your feet on the table, space will be needed.


A coffee table can’t exist in isolation. They work together with other items in the same room. For instance, a rough wood can be complemented with the wood coffee table. The objects should enhance the décor rather than standing out.

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