5 Tips to Decorating Your Nursery


Decorating your nursery is an exciting project! With your young one on the way, preparing a nursery becomes inevitable. You need to choose the right wall décor and paint colors, pick the best furniture, read books on parenting, shop for strollers and take birthing classes, among other essential activities.

All these activities require sufficient time to accomplish before you welcome your little one into the world. Creating and decorating a nursery is as good as preparing your home for the arrival of your baby. Plan and start early to avoid the last-minute rush. Here are five tips to guide you when it’s time to decorate your nursery:

Top 5 Tips For Decorating Nurseries

  1. Opt For Budget-Friendly Furniture

Budget Friendly Furniture

Decorating a nursery can be a costly affair if you don’t track your expenses. If you’re working on a tight budget, opt for a changing pad and cover to use on your dresser instead of spending on a changing table. After all, babies outgrow changing tables fast. Therefore, foregoing one can help you save. Eventually, you’ll probably be changing your toddler on your bed or the floor.

You can use basket organizers to store wipes, additional diapers, creams, and other small baby necessities when the top of your dresser isn’t in use. Also, consider your dresser top drawers to store such items. A convertible crib your baby can use as a toddler bed before moving to use a regular-sized bed as they grow is another cost-effective piece of furniture to consider in your budget.

The need for a sturdy yet comfortable rocking chair goes without saying. It’ll come in handy when you need to breastfeed, soothe your baby to sleep, feed your little one, snuggle, read fairy tales, among other functional uses.

  1. Take Necessary Measurements

Outer Space Rocket Height Measurement Wall Sticker

Before buying furniture and other items for your baby’s nursery, take measurements of the room to ensure there’s enough space to accommodate all the items you intend to have in there. Measure the door and keep the dimensions in mind while shopping. For instance, make sure the crib and rocking chair, among other things you intend to buy, can easily go through the door.

Taking a right necessary measurements of your nursery saves you from the stress that might ensue after buying a piece of furniture only to find out you can’t get it into the nursery.

  1. Go for Calming Colors & Dim Lighting

Calming Colors and Dim Lighting

Choose calming colors to set a relaxed mood in your nursery. Accentuate neutral wall colors with hanging wall décor items or removal wall decals for a touch of your personality and sense of style. A neutral color theme allows the flexibility of changing the color theme of your nursery as your baby grows without embarking on a repainting project.

Overhead dimmer lighting or a side lampshade creates the right ambiance you need in the nursery when changing your little one and getting ready for bed. Curtains or blackout shades are also ideal during the day when you need your baby to take naps.

  1. Childproof Your Nursery

Childproof Nursery Furniture

Babies grow fast. In no time, they begin rolling over, pulling up, crawling, and eventually taking those baby steps one at a time. Bolt furniture into the wall to prevent them from falling over and keep unsafe items out of reach as part of making your nursery safe. Childproof your nursery in advance to avoid a last-minute rush, trying to get things out of your toddler’s way while keeping the room organized and tidy.

  1. Plan for Enough Storage

Nursery Storage

As your baby grows, so will be their items and toys. If you don’t plan for enough storage in advance, your baby will easily take over the entire house. Buy toy organizer bins, shelves, and a chest of drawers to keep your baby’s items out of reach. Plan in advance on what you’ll do with the toys and clothes your little one outgrows.

You can donate, give out to friends or keep them if you’re planning to have more kids in the future. With proper planning, you’ll stay in control of your home, keeping it organized and tidy.

Your nursery décor should be both functional and eye-catching. Pick the right theme for your nursery based on various factors such as gender. If you aren’t sure about your unborn child’s gender, opt for a unisex theme. Don’t forget to pick a color or item to act as the centerpiece or point of focus in the room.

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