5 Tips To Help Your Home Sell Quickly


Putting your home on the market can be scary and exciting. You may be moving to a new place for work and have a strict deadline or have found your dream home. When listing a home, time is usually a key factor. These tips will help you get the most out of your budget while appealing to buyers helping your home sell quickly.

  1. Landscaping


When potential buyers arrive at your home, they are instantly going to form an opinion about your home. First impressions are very important. Your landscaping should be neat. Grass should be mowed and raked if needed. Remove all weeds from your yard, including flower beds. Treat your lawn with weed killer and prevention. Be sure to read the bottle or consult a professional before using it.

Outside decor should be minimal. An American flag and planters are generally a good choice. Flower pots are an excellent way to add a pop of color while still appealing to most. Things like gnomes, butterfly decor, flamingos, and items based on your decor style, should be put up. You want the decor to appeal to everyone.

What your home looks like on the outside could be a game-changer. If potential buyers arrive at your home and find it unkempt, they will imagine it much worse for the inside. When they arrive at your home, you want them to notice how clean and well kept it is. This will make them feel like the rest of the home must be well kept also.

  1. Fresh Paint

Fresh Painting

Paint goes a long way. It starts from the moment they arrive at your home. Exterior paint should be a clean neutral color. If your love the shade of purple that you’ve painted your home, you still need to change it. Many buyers will not want a bold color. Think white, tan, light yellow, and olive green.

The paint should be neat. Remove all peeling paint before painting over it. If you have shutters, it is best to remove them or cover them while painting. You don’t want to overspray on them. Remember to inspect your shutters too. They made need repaired if they’re fading or peeling.

Interior paint should follow the same guidelines as the exterior. If your home or room is small, opt for light colors like white or light grey. If you have a large room, you can do darker colors. Remember, try to stay neutral. Things like pinks and greens aren’t great choices when your home is on the market.

  1. Refinish Cabinets


Your kitchen is where you’ll get your biggest ROI. If you can only afford to tackle one project, work on the kitchen. You don’t have to have a full-scale remodel. Cabinets are a great place to start. It can be very expensive to replace all of the cabinets, but there are still affordable options. Refinishing your cabinets can completely change the entire look of the kitchen and still be affordable. You can change the color or the style.

  1. Carpet


This can be expensive but worthwhile. If you have a carpet in style, not green or burgundy, be sure that it is clean. If there are stains, potential buyers are going to let their imagination run wild with what that stain is from. If your carpets don’t come clean, are worn, or are outdated, it’s time to replace them. Even cheaper carpet is better than old and dirty carpet that was expensive.

  1. Upgrade The Garage

Contemporary Garage

This is an area that buyers don’t usually expect to be a wow factor, but it can be. You can finish and paint the walls of the garage. Flooring can make a big difference. You can paint it or use epoxy. This is an area where you can play a little. You can add a bolder color, like blue, or stay on the safe side. This will add an unexpected element to your house.

Add cabinets along the walls for storage. This will appeal to men and women. These cabinets will conceal Christmas decorations, tools, paint, sports equipment, etc. Cabinets will hide the clutter and make the garage more organized and spacious.

Before you list your house, step back and look at all the details. Start outside and work your way through the entire house. Keep notes of the areas that need the most work and see if your budget allows repairs or replacements. If you don’t have room in your budget for those, do things that you can do yourself, like pulling weeds or decluttering your home.

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