5 Tips To Home Renovation Waste Management


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When planning for a home renovation project, there are several things to consider. You must have the right budget, materials, and workforce. With all these requirements, many homeowners often forget about one essential thing; proper waste disposal. Whether you wish to change your kitchen tiles or bring down a wall to create space, renovations will always produce rubbish. Sometimes the waste may become more than you expected. Without a proper waste management plan, the garbage will pile up in your garage. Read on to discover five home renovation waste management.

  1. Architectural Salvage

Architectural salvages collect things like cabinet hardware, old toilets, bricks, and light fixtures. They then resell thee materials to be used in other renovation projects. Architectural salvages work under the concept that one person’s waste is another’s treasure. Some architectural savages may operate as demolition companies while others will stick to clearinghouses for buying and selling. The amount you get from architectural salvages is not much, but it depends on your trash condition. For instance, if your rubbish requires a lot of work to get back to a usable state, the salvage shop will not pay much money. However, the primary aim here is to take the trash off your hands.

  1. Donate

Not everything from a renovation project will be unusable. As such, you do not have to throw away all the materials you remove from your house. If some items are still in good condition or not severely damaged, another family can use them in their home. Take such things to a donation center. Donation centers accept everything from cabinet appliances, light fixtures, and anything that can be reused for construction projects. Call the nearest donation center before you drop your rubbish. You can also ask them whether they accept the materials that you have so that you can be guaranteed.

  1. Landfill

You can also take your renovation waste to a rubbish pit. After deciding which item to dispose of, hire a truck to dump the garbage to your local landfill. Make sure you sort the trash before taking your waste to the landfill. Remember that landfills have designated stations for large appliances, and this is where you should take your waste. As such, contact your local landfill to get all the information you need.

  1. Local Garbage Collection Service

Another option is to ask your local garbage collection service to pick the waste of your home renovation. They can take all your bulky waste for a certain fee. Some garbage collection services allow you to make an order through their website. For instance, skip bin service in Perth will enable you to order online at your home’s comfort. All you have to do is tell them about the size of your rubbish and your pick up location. Most garbage collection services are scheduled. As such, you may have to collect all the trash in a pile.

  1. Give Away Or Sell The Items

You can also sell or give away some of the materials you are removing from your home. Your old oven might help a relative who is living alone for the first time. You can also repurpose some of the waste materials. For instance, you can reuse timber to create a new hall table.

Now you can consider any of the above options to manage your renovation waste.

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