5 Tips To Increasing The Longevity Of Your Deck


During the summer, everyone is out in the sun, enjoying every bit of it. We will always do our best to utilize our outdoor space. One of the most common places to relax and enjoy long conversations with yourself, family, and friends are outside on your deck.

The deck has many functions. It can be the most appropriate section to host friends and barbeques. As the investment of building the whole structure is expensive, you should consider caring for it, because the bills that come with these platforms are not friendly. Therefore, we have come up with ways that could be a solution to ensuring that your deck stays for long.

  1. Consider The Design First

Deck Design

Before installing the wood, first, know the best surface to purchase. The most common type is wood, of course, but you can buy other deck materials. Take, for instance, aluminum or steel, concrete stone, and plastic lumber.

All of these should fit perfectly together. Consider durable types that can go up to 50 plus Years, which means you no longer have to worry about reinstalling it every time it crumbles. By the way, the designer should ensure that he or she leaves breathing spaces in between the woods to facilitate expansion and contraction.

  1. Choose Right Cleaning Methods

Deck Cleaning

Wood is sensitive. The material will begin to disintegrate as time goes by, especially if you expose it to its ‘enemies.’ Some of the popular wood ‘enemies’ include water, which later forms fungus and molds if not taken care of, and any other liquids that spill on it.

Be sure to wipe the dirt as soon as it pours on it. Additionally, avoid applying too much pressure on the material when cleaning to prevent paint tarnishing. Clean with a soft brush; do not use brushes with hard bristles. Once you install it, give it a year to rest.

  1. Repaint It Annually

Deck Repainting

With changes in weather and climate, the paint on the fabric may fade. Thus, it calls for a quick painting job. If you are not an expert, try to hire an excellent contractor to do the job. However, note that you need to prepare the wood decks before applying any paint on it.

Start by cleaning the board, then sand it. Sanding helps to remove stains, patches of old paint, and other wood residues. Purchase deck paints to prevent the weather from affecting the board since they are thick enough to withstand weather changes. You can get more tips on how to prep a deck for painting here.

  1. Cover It

Deck Cover

The sun is the chief energy source. We can also draw vitamin D from it, which is what you want to receive when you get on your deck. However, as you relax, consider adding a cover in some areas to prevent the paint from fading.

The best way to do this is to cover the area where you do not want the sun to reach. For instance, add a new carpet next to your couch, and you could leave an open space around the area that you want to have a ‘beach effect.’ The cover can also be suitable for adding value when selling the property.

  1. Design A Solid Structure

Transitional Deck

Take note of the fasteners that you use when building these structures. Lumber wood is unfriendly to nails and screws made of steel. Therefore, vouch for something that will not destroy even when you apply pressure to them. For instance, stainless steel is durable.

When installing the fasteners, ensure that you leave some space to allow drainage from the wood. Most manufacturers provide instructions on the most appropriate area to leave as you install. As you build the structure, avoid overloading it.

Finally, note changes within the board. Hidden rotting of wood or the structure of the material can cause massive damage because it weakens the whole floor, which makes it easy for anyone to cave in when they step on it or place heavy stuff on it.

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  1. Aside from repainting and maintenance of your wood deck, one of the most important factor to consider is its solid structure that will hold and support weight.


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