5 Tips To Keeping Your Patio Looking Fresh And Clean


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The promise of food, laughter and good company is always guaranteed to attract friends and family over to your elegant patio. However, if you don’t clean your patio consistently, things could get embarrassing and look dirty. That’s why it’s essential to give your patio thorough cleaning several times a year.

Cleaning your patio isn’t a complicated affair – you can comfortably handle it within a few minutes. However, you’ll need all the appropriate equipment before the actual cleaning day.

Here Are Five Tips To Keeping Your Patio Looking Fresh And Clean:

  1. Purchase A Good Patio Cleaner

Best Patio Cleaner

As much as you’d like to maintain the patio looking clean and attractive, certain weather conditions may promote the growth of moss, algae, and lichens. Without regular maintenance, your spotless patio could end up looking quite unattractive. It helps to have a good patio cleaner that effectively eliminates any dirt, stains, and unwanted algae from your garden patio. Delightfully, you won’t have to break the bank when purchasing a patio cleaner – they are surprisingly affordable.

  1. Stiff Brushes Work Best

Stiff Brush

Every time you clean the patio, use a stiff brush to give the slabs a thorough scrub. Most homeowners love having a patio in their yard, mostly because it offers a relaxing outdoor space where friends and loved ones can hang out and enjoy themselves. Therefore, patio slabs are aesthetically appealing when clean. However, pollution and other environmental factors can cause these slabs to develop dirty spots and grimy stains. Therefore, it’s always wise to scrub your patio using a stiff brush to remove all stains and make it look sparkling clean.

  1. Sweep It First Before Scrubbing

Sweep Your Patio First Before Scrubbing

Since most patios are designed using concrete slabs, they’re bound to get dirty at some point. Guests and residents will frequently walk along this area as they find their unique resting spots around the garden. Also, strong gusts might transfer sand and leaves onto your patio, leaving a huge mess in the process. It’s important to sweep up all debris before getting to the actual scrubbing.

  1. Make Use Of Detergent

Reside Remover

Neglecting your outdoor patio for extended periods can have devastating consequences. First, a great deal of sand and other debris will have accumulated and compounded onto the slabs, leaving behind tough stains. Second, unwanted weeds such as moss and algae will have sprouted in every nook and cranny. To remove stains easily, use a suitable detergent when cleaning your patio. Some detergents are extremely effective at removing stubborn stains.

  1. Apply An Appropriate Waterproofing Sealer

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream

When you’re finally done with cleaning your patio, give it ample time to dry off. Next, use an effective sealer to waterproof your clean patio. Many individuals often overlook this essential stage. Sealing your patio not only enhances stain resistance, but it also brightens your patio and makes it look desirable. Sealing also helps to reduce erosion and corrosion, allowing your paving to last longer. Ensure you follow the right instructions when applying any waterproofing sealer.

These few tips will help you to maintain your patio looking fresh and clean every time.

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