5 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen like Marie Kondo


Marie Kondo’s new book Spark Joy has raised many interests in a short period, with people all over the world trying to get their heads around these new tricks and tips on organizing their homes. Here are ways of tidying up and organizing might sound strange at first, but it is all to feel refreshed and content using a method that can soon become a habit.

What you expect from your kitchen

What You Expect From Your Kitchen

Organizing a kitchen is not a task; everyone is overly ready to tackle. Kitchens are places where things are usually messy, stacked, and piled, and the mere look at it can create disorder in mind. Mess creates more mess and unwillingness to do anything about it. According to Kondo, the first and crucial thing anyone has to do is to visualize their goal as specific as possible. How do you want to feel when you enter your kitchen? When there is a clear answer, one should envision it as a final point of realization and start working towards it.

Get rid of everything that you do not use

Get Rid Of Everything That You Do Not Use

Kitchens often serve as storage of many things that may or may not be cooking-related, but if these have not been used for more than a year, Kondo says that it is time to say goodbye to them. Of course, no one says that it is easy to get rid of something that holds a special place in your heart because everyone forms attachments to material things, but giving something away that has no purpose will not only make the kitchen neater but your whole life as well. It is the little things that can bring people down.

Simple organization means a simple life

Simple Organization Means Simple Life

Instead of seeking interesting but complicated ways of storing things in the kitchen, Kondo suggests that using the most straightforward organization techniques works the best. Even though something more complicated can look unique and satisfying at first, when the time for cooking comes, it will only make things more complicated, with getting everything necessary for preparing the meal and putting it back afterward. Therefore, plain shoe boxes and plastic containers are her choices for the best-storing solution.

Vertical stacking approach

Vertical Stacking Approach

Kondo goes a bit extreme with this approach, claiming that everything should be stacked vertically and stored away, even efficient kitchen appliances. This is unimaginable for many people because it does not seem like a sensible thing to do when you have to use some of these things every day. Still, she says that people do not strive to have everything at hand but to be able to clean everything more easily instead, without anything getting in the way.

Remove visual mess

Remove Visual Mess

Sometimes, even though everything is clean and tidy, there is a particular noise in the mind that still creates discomfort upon entering the kitchen. Kondo believes that this is because of many labels shouting at people from the shelves. To avoid this and achieve a calm setting, she recommends replacing labeled tins and containers with plain-looking ones with no words whatsoever except maybe small distinguishing signs for different ingredients.

Someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen every day might not find Kondo’s advice entirely feasible. Still, it is worth a try, especially if you feel inexplicably bothered every time you have to cook or clean. Simplicity brought to the maximum sparks joy!

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