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There might be many tips to update the tile floor without replacing it. However, taking it from the experts, these five tips will help you revamp your place. After a while, tiles become out of style, dirty around the edges, or chipped and broken in places.

I talk from experience, and I’ll give you tips that will undoubtedly have your friends ask, ‘Did you get a new flooring?’ without spending a fortune on new tiles.

The Revamped Flooring Can Liven Up Your Place In No Time!

5 Tips to Update Tile Floor Without Replacing – Fabulous Yet Simple

Are the holidays just around the corner? Or you decide to call someone over for a party that you think that the shabby old tiles need a revamp. So, follow the tips to update the tile floor without replacing it!

Yes, It Is Possible!

Maybe your hands are tied because of the budget, or you cannot do much about your rented or shared space. Whatever the case might be, nothing should stop you from reviving those old tiles.

Here are five fixes that will help you breathe a new life into the floor.

  1. Use A Tile Or Surface Cleaner – Refreshing And Clean

If you are looking for a solution to have a clean feel to space, using a grout cleaner for the edges or a surface cleaner for the tiles is probably the best solution. This is because the grout cleaner will leave your tile edges looking as if new.

Moreover, the surface cleaner can help bring back these old tiles’ shine without damaging the surface. Although, if you’re looking for a makeover to stylize your place, a tile cleaner and grout cleaning might not be the option for you.

Want an expert opinion? Who doesn’t?

If you want your tiles to last longer and keep them from wear and tear over the ages, then I found a beneficial guide gearorigin.com/best-wax-for-tile-floors/ for floor waxes that you should definitely look out for.

  1. Upgrade By Resurfacing Your Tiles

Another alternative to installing an external coat or vinyl to your tiles is resurfacing them using cement compounds. These compounds will give your tiles a new coat and a durable solution if you are not looking to replace your tiles.


However, resurfacing might result in the emission of fumes which can be harmful to health. This is because these resurfacing solutions have chemicals that can have fumes when in contact with other substances.

Even water can impact the resurfacing tile and result in fumes. Furthermore, it will also not be as durable as the tiles because it will only be a topcoat.

  1. Good Old Rug Flooring

Want to upgrade your place and give it a new look?

Rugs are the answer. A stylish rug can provide your space with the new look that it needs. However, with kids, you are likely to have spills and messes which are not as easily cleaned as tiles.

If you are using a smaller rug to cover up the places where your tile has discolored, rug curling might be a problem for you. Rug curling not only looks bad but also might have a tripping hazard. If you have a dust allergy and have an issue with the accumulated dust, carpeting will not solve your tile problem.

Small rugs can also leave out stains in odd places. The tile flooring might be staring at you every morning with those stains in unusual places. A more permanent solution is suited if you have this issue of discoloration. For this, you might look into investing in a vinyl top that I have discussed earlier.

  1. Vinyl Flooring Top – Colorful, Fresh, And Trendy

The vinyl flooring top will Bibbidi bobbidi boo your tile flooring. From plain and faded, your tile floor can go to being trendy, colorful, and fresh! Just 2 steps to your floor looking great in no time:

  • Peel
  • Stick

It Is As Simple As It Gets!

All you need to do is peel and stick it to the floor!

You can pick and choose the design and color according to your style and the look and feel you want to bring to your space.

Whether for a living room, office, or bathroom, vinyl flooring will leave your guests in awe because of how it revitalizes your space. It will add the vibe to your place to transform your space from old looking to new and fresh.

However, the downside of installing vinyl flooring is discoloration over time due to wear and tear. Vinyl flooring is also difficult to repair because it sticks to the surface, making it difficult to take it off. So, if you want a low-cost and durable alternative to reinstalling tiles, vinyl flooring is your calling.

  1. Paint Em’ Up!

1,2,3 Is All You Need!

Another useful tip to update your tile floor is to paint it! Firstly, clean and grout your tiles thoroughly. This will help in removing any debris that might ruin your paint coat. Second, prime your painting surface that will help in making the pain more long-lasting. Third, paint your tiles with a brush or a roller. Fourth, seal the paint using polyurethane, which will further add to your paint coat’s longevity.

Finally, let the paint dry well before using it!

This technique will not only give your tiles a new life but also enhance the look and feel of your space. There might be many other ways you can revamp and restyle your tile floor. Talking from experience, one of these five fixes will help you to improve your space.

Where Can It Be Used?

Be it your living room, bathroom, or office space, the revamped tiles will definitely liven up the place. These fixes will surely wow your guests whenever you have them over during the holidays or otherwise as well.


We discussed five tips that you can use to liven up your tiled space, which might be useful for you. We have also included a guide for selecting floor wax if you want to polish your tiles.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s upgrade your tiled space now!

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