5 Tips You Always Overlook When It Concerns Your Bathroom Renovations


Bathroom renovations the most essential and complex part of home improvement. But bathroom renovations do not mean decorating the bathroom with fancy things and making it look glamorous or trendy. If you overlooked the necessities that a bathroom needs then all the hard work and the process that went into bathroom renovations goes in vain. Here we have listed some tips to let give you an insight before indulging yourself in the improvements of the bathroom:

  1. Provide Proper Ventilation

Provide Proper Ventilation

A bathroom is a place that deals with moisture, the most; hence, it becomes imperative that they are treated with proper ventilation. If not done correctly, you will have to face humidity even after you have showered or bathed long ago. It leads to an invitation to the house mold as they inhabit themselves in wet areas, and all your pain put on the bathroom renovations will be of no use.

  1. Repairing Sealant And Grout

Repairing Sealant And Grout

Most bathrooms in a typical family have tiled surfaces. If you plan to add new tiles to the bathroom, make sure that it is correctly grouted so that there is no option of the moisture penetrating in between those tiles. In case moisture gets trapped in between the tiles, then it will damage the wall from beneath or may even affect the adhesive that helps the tiles remain attached to the wall.

  1. Care Taken On The Shower Doors

Shower Door

More often than not, we forget to focus on the purpose of the door and spend a large sum of money on its looks while having bathroom renovations. If you have an installed wooden made door at the entrance of the bathroom, then proper care should be taken as wood, in the presence of moisture, rots quickly. Hence, the excellent quality of the wood is needed like the teak wood. Other options such as PVC, aluminium, and glass doors are a better replacement.

  1. Floor Level Should Be Maintained

Bathroom Floor Level

The most important thing while doing bathroom renovations is the floor of the bathroom. The floor level should not be equal from all sides; rather, it should be a little tilted towards the bathroom drain. If this is not kept in mind, then water will not get drained on itself, and the floor will remain wet, thereby, increasing the risk of slipping on the floor. Even the drainage system should be appropriately positioned. It should not be close to the door of the bathroom; else, the door will be severely affected and will show signs of damage quickly.

  1. Electric Equipment Should Be Out of Reach From the Waterworks

Electric Equipment

Any electricity carrying equipment such as geysers and lights should be placed far away from the showers. If proper care is not taken during bathroom renovations, then it may pose a danger to the life of your loved ones. Water and electricity are enemies; hence, it should not be mixed in any case. Ask your electrician to place the lights at such places where there is no option of water reaching that place.

As said earlier, renovating your bathroom may be an exciting job, and it may prove beneficial only if you keep all these details in mind. Remember, a bathroom is a place where you are most exposed to danger too with water all over the surface, and electricity above it becomes quite a task to make a bathroom volatile and perfect for use. The sure way to proceed with smart planning and proper execution is to hire a company that takes care of your bathroom renovation needs while combining aesthetic and necessity virtues.

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  1. There are ample of things which you need to keep in mind during renovating your bathroom as you need all your electric switches and plugs out from range of waterworks as there are risk involved of having electric shock due to it.


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