5 Top-Notch Landscape Designs For Your Home This Fall


The home centers and garden departments are set up in the early spring for the mad rush to get the lawn, planting beds, and gardens looking great for the summer. However, when the mums are replacing the petunias and the pumpkin and corn husk decorations have replaced the bags of mulch, then it is the best time to incorporate any of these five top-notch landscape designs completed for your home this fall.

Replace Those Solar Lights

As the fall season progresses, you will notice that those solar landscape lights do not have enough reserve power to keep them glowing brightly late into the evening. You can fix this by replacing them with low-voltage LED landscape lights. The project only involves using a flat spade to make a narrow trench to bury the low-voltage lighting cable back to an outdoor outlet where you can attach the power transformer. Your new low-voltage LED lights will be brighter, and they will stay lit all night.

Install a Water Feature

Designer Fountain

The blistering heat of July and August are high for a beach vacation or time in the pool, but it is not the best time to dig up your yard to install a koi pond or designer fountain. The cooler weather of fall makes it easier to get the DIY work done for installing that water feature you have been wanting. If you start in September, your plants have time to get established before winter weather begins to arrive.

Permanently Fix Troublesome Turf

Artificial Grass for Rooftops

If you have bald spots in the yard or places where the weeds grow better than the lawn, artificial grass can give you an incredibly extremely realistic alternative. For example, take a look at the artificial grass offered by Bourget Bros. Building Materials. It even includes synthetic thatch for a glimpse of realism that is unsurpassed. Passersby would have to bend down and touch the faux turf to ensure it is not real grass. The benefits are that it stays green year-round, does not need fertilizer or watering, can be cleaned with a garden hose and a broom, and holds up to pets and kid traffic. This is how you can have a luxurious green lawn, even where you cannot get real grass to grow. You can find top quality artificial grass over here.

Plant Those Trees You Want

Plant Those Trees You Want

Please do not fall for the hype that it needs to be springtime to plant trees. Gardenmyths.com offers information on the benefits of the fall planting of trees, which includes establishing much-needed root growth without the competition of growing leaves. You are also likely to find those Japanese maples and fruit trees significantly reduced in price as the plant nurseries and garden centers are clearing products at the end of the traditional planting season.

Build a Fire Pit

Build a Fire Pit

While the temperature in the evenings was in the 80s or higher, you probably did not think much about having a cozy fire for entertaining outdoors in the evenings of summer. As the mercury drops, a little supplemental heat can go a long way to extending your enjoyment of your outdoor landscape. This is the best time to install a fire pit, whether it will be one that burns wood or propane. There are many permanent and temporary options available. You can choose from fire rings to fireplaces that burn wood or propane. If you have a small deck or patio, a fire table may be to your liking.

The fall season does not have to be a lull between summer and winter. You can still spend time outdoors, enjoying your landscape and making it better. With less time spent cutting grass and tending summer plants, you can spend more time adding features of interest to your landscape at home.

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