5 Tricks To Get Better Signal With Your Antenna



I love watching my favorite program on TV, but who doesn’t really? Well, watching TV is a great experience especially when you want to be informed and entertained, but the cost of cable is pushing many people away from this great experience.

However, you have not lost everything as there are many OTA (Over the air) TV channels you can enjoy for free but this requires a good attic antenna to achieve. With a good antenna, you can quickly pick up an incredible number of airwaves, and this means you can stay informed and entertained without spending a lot of money.

All you need is a quality antenna especially one you can fix on the attic because such does not require any grounding and you can set it within no time. If you have an antenna, of course getting the best signal out of it is necessary and below are some tricks to help you get a better signal when using one:

  1. Look For Broadcast Towers Within Your Vicinity

The location and direction of the broadcast towers within your area dramatically affects how your antenna will work. Knowing this even before you purchase your antennas is very important as it will help you understand the kind that best suits your needs. You can go through different attic antenna reviews to determine which model or brand works best for you based on the location of the broadcast towers in your area.

Different antennas have different capabilities; know them before buying. You can locate TV signals within your area by checking out several websites, and these are meant to show you the direction and distance of the different broadcast towers within your area.

  1. Choose The Best Location

The location of your antenna does play an important role when it comes to the quality of reception you get on your TV. As such, it is advisable to place your antenna in a location that has minimal obstructing objects such as trees, and buildings.

Attic antennas are high when it comes to this trick as they allow you to position them anywhere within your attic including high on the building while connecting with coax cable. In case you are using an indoor antenna (one that you place in the same room as the TV), make sure you position is close to the window where you can get more channels after scanning.

  1. Boost With An Amp Or A Pre-Amp

In case your area is far away from the broadcast towers or signal, the best thing is to go for an antenna that has a pre-installed amplifier. It helps boost the strength thus reaching out for and grabbing signs that could be far away from your location.

You should, however, avoid using an amplifier in case there are no signal issues within your location as using one will only overpower the existing signals thus making things worse. If your antenna doesn’t have an amplifier, you could opt for a pre-amplifier which serves well especially if the distance between the TV and antenna is a log. With a pre-amplifier, the weak signal is boosted before reaching the TV thus giving you better quality pictures.

  1. Use The Right Coaxial Cable

There are different types of cables and using the right one does make a difference. In ordinary cases, you will find RG11, RG6 or RG59 and each of these offers varying picture qualities when used with your antenna. The larger the cable, the better and this places RG11 on top of the list as far as reliability is concerned.

The cable reduces signal loss as they travel through the length which is different when you use the RG59 series. Even with the best antenna, using the wrong coaxial cable will affect your picture quality. As such, always match your antenna with quality cable.

  1. Avoid Placing Metal Bars In Front Of The Antenna

Metal has a way of interfering with the reception of signals, and that’s something you should keep in mind. Whether placing the antenna outdoor or indoor, ensure there aren’t any metal bug screens, metal bars or metal railings especially near the window or on the balcony.

Final Thought

360 Degree Rotation Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna

It is essential to make sure that your antenna is installed correctly and fixed firmly on the wall or wherever you want it connected to minimize the destabilization that comes from the wind. Indoor antennas are considered better in some ways especially when it comes to the instability that comes from the wind and other elements. However, the quality of antennas is improving by the day and picking the right one will help you enjoy free over the air TV channels. It is always important to check different antenna reviews to help determine the right pick for your area and needs.

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