5 Types of Area Rugs You Will Love to Have in your Home


Vintage Rugs

Area rugs are excellent at hiding small or big flooring problems, like stains or simply flooring you don’t like. While rugs help us cover up what we hate, they also provide a focal point for the room and can help you show off your personality. All in one, rugs are both functional and beautiful, but picking the right rug can be a hassle. There are so many different styles and patterns out there! Here is a small guide on the most decorative types of rugs, which can be the right thing in every room.

Bright Geometrics

Don’t be afraid of a rug in bright color featuring a geometric pattern. Large patterns in bright colors are great for making a statement and becoming the center-point of the room. The color can also make the other shades in the room stand out.

Vintage Ottoman Style Rugs

Another type of rugs you can use to enhance your home design is the Ottoman rugs. You can choose from the highly saturated vintage oriental rugs, the one which complements your room, bringing out the natural colors of the wood. Most people are afraid of oriental style rugs because they are colorful and have a lot of intricate patterns, but they give the room a very cozy feeling. At the same time, they can enhance your home design, as they bear a unique feeling, reminding of the old times.


If you like the minimalist style, you can choose a minimalist rug. They come in neutral colors, like black, white, or cream. You can find rugs with small prints or large ones, depending on your tastes. These rugs tend to steal the play with their texture, as they are big and fluffy. In a minimalist room, where there are plenty of sharp and straight lines, such a rug is going to soften the atmosphere and make it cozier.

The Cowhide Rug

Another rug that goes on well in almost every home is the cowhide rug. They come in neutral colors, such as black, white, and brown. They also have an interesting texture, without being thick so that they can be layered over a carpet or another rug. Thanks to their shape, cowhide rugs can link together several pieces of furniture or become the centerpiece of your room.

Thin Prints

If your room already has a lot going on, you can pick a rug with thin prints. They can balance the layout of a room and add a sense of coziness, without being too intrusive. Depending on your home design, you can choose a rug in a neutral color and then print or one in a bright color and thin, discrete print, which can accentuate the other colors in the room.

A rug can change the entire design of your room, so don’t be afraid of trying on new things. You can match the patterns on the rugs to the patterns on your pillows or another element of the room. The more you will experiment with different patterns, colors, and styles, the more you will learn about yourself and what you like.

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