5 Types Of Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors


Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

Most people thought that choosing a mirror for the bathroom should be an easy task, but unfortunately, it is not so. These days you will find a lot of illuminated bathroom mirrors with is overwhelming to choose from them. We have come up with different ideas that help you to choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom. You will get a wide range of illuminated bathroom mirrors by Clearlight Designs.

The LED Mirrors have the quality that they will create an illusion of more space to your bathroom than it is. So let’s discuss some of the illuminated bathroom Mirrors that give your bathroom a more rich look.

  1. Fluorescent Backlit Mirrors

The backlit mirror is one of the most demanding and popular types among illuminated bathroom mirrors. The fluorescent backlit mirror gives a subtle and sufficient amount of light that helps you apply makeup or shave easily. It helps to complete any of your tasks that require a well-light reflection. It also gives the illuminating effect of any product or thing. The fluorescent lighting tubes are used and sit behind the mirror with etched glass, allowing the light through backlit Mirrors to give a subtle effect and sufficient light to your face when you apply makeup.

  1. LED Mirrors

LED Mirrors are said to be the most stylish mirror that add more charm to your bathroom. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly as well. They use small LED bulbs within the mirror, which further help you look more attractive and provide extra lighting without paying additional energy bills. Hence, it is one of the most affordable lighting you will get with LED mirrors. You will also get some LED mirrors with Clearlight designs that are battery-operated, which means you don’t have to pay an electricity bill when you have installed such a mirror in your bathroom. An illuminated mirror is one of the best kinds of mirrors for a toilet having a lack of natural light as they provide a good amount of vibrancy to prevent any shadowed or dark spaces.

  1. Bluetooth Mirrors

Bluetooth Mirrors have been gaining immense recognition and popularity in recent years. They are a new kind of mirror that combines LED lighting with inbuilt speakers. With Bluetooth Mirrors, you will be able to play your favorite music via your phone while applying makeup or shaving, or doing any other thing in front of the mirror. Of course, you can also set up your speaker or phone in a safe spot while having a shower or bath so that your phone will not get affected by the water. Still, in that place, a Bluetooth mirror will be the most convenient option for you to play music or podcast and enjoy your bath with the relaxing sounds of the music.

  1. Heated Demister Mirror

Almost all of us have never been in a situation where you have stepped out after taking a shower or bath, and your mirror is getting swirling with a cloud of steam. It makes the mirror instantly unusable as you cannot get your reflection there because of haze. In this situation, the domestic mirror will be the perfect solution to this problem. A thin domestic heat pad is placed behind this mirror that stops the steam from building upon the mirror’s surface due to condensation. Thanks, demister mirror is the new kind of illuminated mirror for your bathroom that safeguard you from the problem of the steaming mirror.

  1. Shaving Socket Mirror

This is one of the most advanced mirrors for the bathroom. A shaving socket mirror has a built-in favor socket in the mirror, which you can use for an electric toothbrush or an electric shaver. This is one of the best options for your bathroom as they provide ample lighting to your bathroom. You can use this as an electric toothbrush and electric Shaver as well. Shaving socket Mirrors offer 2 in 1 option for your bathroom, and by installing this mirror, you don’t have to install a separate socket, which saves a lot of space in the bathroom.


Here we have discussed the five best mirrors for your bathroom. According to the space and your requirement, you can choose any of them. Every mirror has its uniqueness and popularity so select the desired one according to your need. You will get all these kinds of mirrors with Clearlight designs. Along with that, they also have a wide range of illuminated Mirrors, which you can check out and choose from.

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