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As a real estate agent, your job boils down to the number of clients you bring in to close a sale, hopefully. The more clients you attract, the more likely you’ll end up successfully closing more deals. However, some real estate agents are having a hard time meeting their sales quota because they don’t have a clear-cut system of finding new clients.

The key to generating more real estate leads is thinking outside the box. Having unique and creative ways to your real estate marketing strategy makes you stand out from your competitors. If you’re a starting real estate agent looking for leads, check out these five ways to get more clients.

  1. Establish Relationship With Clients

Clients are the lifeblood of a real estate agent. It is important to acquire new clients and establish a good relationship with them. Successful real estate agents find people search engines, such as Nuwber, BeenVerified ContactOut or PeopleFinders, etc., help to get contact details of their leads. With these services, you can research your potential leads to make sure you’re conducting transactions with legitimate people.

Also, people search sites support reverse address lookup that allows you to search for people who live in the area of your listing and may be interested in purchasing a property that you list for sale.

Once you have people in your database, you need to build a meaningful connection with them. Providing regular updates with new listings that came on the market builds your credibility and rapport. Start emailing them at least once a week. A quick little message about a new listing, a DIY home hack, or even a recipe will do the job! Don’t wait until you get more people to message. Just do it weekly right from the start and make sure you send them something interesting, so they know that you are going to be actively talking to them.

  1. Get Creative with Business Cards

First impressions always last. As a real estate agent, meeting with clients is always on your agenda. You’d most likely have business cards with you to give to your clients for follow-up inquiries. Having a boring business card with just your name and contact details won’t be memorable and will likely end up in the dumpster. Create unique business card layouts and make yourself memorable to your clients. Try to have card layouts fit for the kind of property you’re selling. Ideas such as adding seeds for them to plant or make it appear as construction building blocks are creative and will most likely receive a positive response from your leads. Get creative and make yourself memorable to your clients.

  1. Create A Responsive Website For Your Business

With technology accessible for almost anyone nowadays, people prefer their transactions over phones or computers. In the real estate business, having a responsive website puts you ahead of others. It gives you visibility over the internet. Be sure to make it responsive and easy to view for people searching for real estate. Have important information like contact details and addresses easily accessible and visual. You can also provide pictures of the house or property to give clients an idea of what you’re trying to sell. Listing down nearby establishments to the property also helps give clients an idea of what to expect. Mention things like a 5-minute walk to the nearest bus stop or a 10-minute drive to the nearest fast-food chain can influence their decision.

  1. Do An Open House

Transparency with your leads can go a long way. Some realtors organize an open house event, where prospecting clients can check out the property for a few hours. This gives them ideas on your property and may lead to a sale. Even if you failed to secure a buyer, open houses are useful in getting feedback. You can pick up things that may prevent the property from selling like you thought it would. Comments like cracks on walls or unattractive wall paint can deter someone from buying your property. Using your viewers’ feedback and addressing the issues can help boost the property’s selling point.

  1. Provide A Complimentary Moving Truck Service For Your Clients

So you’ve made the deal, and your client is ready to move on to their new home. Unloading everything from their old home to their new one can be exhausting and expensive. By offering moving services to clients, you’d do them a huge favor. You can use your moving truck to help your clients move their belongings when they are moving in or moving out of their new home. Not only do you do them a favor, but they also increase your marketing leads for your business. As the truck moves around, it provides a free advertisement to on-lookers who might be interested in a house of their own.


The real estate business can be tricky. With a lot of competitors out in the market, it’s hard to stay ahead of the game and get as many leads as you need. However, if you have the right real estate marketing strategy, you can get a step ahead of your competitors. Try to explore and think outside the box when generating ideas to market real estate properties. From establishing a long-lasting relationship with clients to promote ideas such as open houses, being distinctive and creative in your marketing strategy can help you go a long way.

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