5 Unique Ways To Display Flower At Home


Flower Platter

A unique flower display at home shows off your artistic creativity. You don’t need too many flowers to make a floral display look unique, just imagination and a few florist tricks.

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These five unique flower ideas will make your reception area or kitchen table come alive. Wherever you place these unique flower arrangements, they will be the talk of the party.

  1. Pomander


  1. A simple Pomander made unique with the use of faux pearls. Use a readily available round floral sponge. Faux pearls at the hobby shop are wired individually with any thin wire.
  2. Use Chrysanthemums, which are easy to clean, last longer, and come in bright colors. Making the floral ball is easy. Keep adding the chrysanthemums close to each other and complete the ball.
  3. You can make many floral balls to use as a runner for a long table. You can also place 2-3 pomanders in one platter for a different look and place them at various corners of the room. You can try different color variations too.
  4. The pearls add richness to this floral display.
  1. Flower Platter

Flower Platter

  1. Use any special pottery platter from your home as the base for this floral display.
  2. Choose colors of small chrysanthemum flowers to contrast the color of your unique platter.
  3. Buy a bunch of dracaena leaves from your local florist, or use them from your garden. Make small 2 inch cylinders of floral brick. Cut the sheets to size and wrap them around the thumb size cylinder of wet floral sponge. Fasten with any wire shaped like a hook, and you have the base of your floral display.
  4. Cut the chrysanthemums short and use one flower per cylindrical sponge.
  5. Depending on the size of your platter, make as many sponge cylinders as you need.
  1. Flower Drink

Flower Drink

  1. Pre-order the Cymbidium orchid from your florist. They are expensive.
  2. I cut one stem into two and added a little bear grass; any grass will do.
  3. Two heights of these full tumblers are what make this floral display unique.
  4. The tumblers need to be filled with clean water. Also, adding some flower food crystals to keep the water clean will help.
  1. Inverted Panache

Inverted Panache

  1. Bright-colored flowers, daisies, and carnations or marigolds are perfect for this unique display if you live in the tropics.
  2. Use a golden platter to add that festive look and place such platters all over your entertaining space.
  1. Hand Woven Look

Hand Woven Look

  1. This takes a little patience and needs artistic creativity too.
  2. A grass or palm frond can create a hand weave, as shown in the picture.
  3. Pick small white flowers from your garden; even wildflowers look beautiful with this.
  4. A water-filled glass platter forms the base of this display.
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