5 Useful Tips On How To Keep Your Floor Clean

On September 24, 2018 by Preeti Shah

We are sure your house is your fortress and favorite place in the world. And it`s so essential for all people to keep the house clean. One may think that cleanliness and tidiness are necessary only because of the accommodation appearance or your friends` opinion about you as a housewife, but it`s not the truth. State of the house directly influences the health of everyone who lives in it. Every day our bodies fight against different microorganisms, microbes, and viruses and spend their powers. These little enemies live outdoors and also get into houses with the dirt, dust, and pollen.

So, the question of cleanliness is of great importance for everybody, but especially for people with different types of allergies. The best way to avoid health problems is wet cleaning. In our article, we are going to discuss several most useful tips that can help you to keep your floor clean without great efforts. Let`s go!

Change Your Shoes

Most of all dust and dirt in our houses come outside. It is especially noticeable in autumn and spring when precipitation becomes more frequent. Consequently, wet soil and old leaves stick to shoes and penetrate the buildings. But in summer dry motes and flower pollen can also fly into flats through the open windows and doors. So, the first and the most effective way to keep your floor as clean as possible is to change shoes when you come into the house. You may do it on the porch (if you have a private residence) or right after entering. Doormat will also be a right decision as it keeps dirt and doesn’t let it spread over the whole accommodation.

Regular Sweeping

Regular Sweeping

Every flat or house has such places that get dirty too often. Usually, these are the favorite rooms of the family members, for example, kitchen and hallway. But as a rule, all open surfaces in every room tend to dirt. We move from one part of the flat into another and leave spots on the floor from our slippers or street shoes. So, take it as a rule for yourself and habituate your relatives to clean the sole of the home shoes as often as possible and sweep floors every day. All you need is a broom and a scoop, but the result will turn to be amazing. Regular sweeping will keep your floor clean much longer, and the process of future mopping will go off quicker and easier.

Wet Mop and Rag

Wet Mop and Rag
Admittedly, this is one of the first things that comes to our minds when we think about floor cleaning. This tip is the easiest one. Despite its obviousness and simplicity, this trick can be handy. Wet mop perfectly catches all small pieces of litter, dust, and hair. Water helps to get rid of the withered dirt and spots. Some housewives prefer put special household chemicals and cleansers that make the process of mopping even easier. Wet cleaning doesn`t only help you to clean the floor, but also refreshes the air and reduces unpleasant odor, which is a great plus. Modern mop models equipped with long handles, so you don`t need to lean and overburden your back. But remember, if you want to clean your house, you should change the rags as often as possible, for they usually quickly go off and they don`t wipe the floor but smudge the dust over all surface.

Classical Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners
The vacuum cleaner is an essential part of the cleaning process. I believe in the XXI century no homemaker would be able to do without this small but powerful helper. Modern models are varied from common vacuum cleaners with an average power to the latest devices equipped with the steam generators and disposable eco-friendly paper dust bags. They also permit to do wet cleaning as well as usual hoovering. By the way, one tiny recommendation – while vacuuming, open the windows. It will help to gather dust more thoroughly.

Roomba And Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Roomba And Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaners
Nowadays robot vacuum cleaners are one of the best tips to maintain the floor. Such a relatively inexpensive and hi-tech advice will help you and your relatives to avoid housecleaning forever. Now you don`t have to move large pieces of furniture or lean to wipe the floor anymore. While researching information for this article, I found a website, where two of the most popular models – Roomba and Neato – were carefully compared. Both robots can charge from the outset, and then turn on and vacuum the floor. Due to their compact size and elaborate design vacuum cleaners can reach the most inaccessible places under sofas, beds, cupboards, and tables – it means every hard-to-reach place where you usually mop only during spring-cleans (or don`t mop at all). Some models equipped with special brushes and clean flat surfaces as well as carpets and rugs. Remote control allows users to run it via smartphone. You can turn it on and off no matter whether you are inside the house or not. Modern models meet all standards of safety and quality and will become an indispensable assistant in housekeeping.

Now you see that clean floor is not a problem any longer. Our tips are friendly to all kinds of flooring: wooden floors, carpets, laminate, parquet, tile, linoleum, etc. Of course, every woman has her little tricks on how to keep the floor clean, but these simple and plain rules will be useful for everyone. But the main secret of the tidy house is regular cleaning. Find several free minutes in your everyday schedule and spend them on sweeping of wet cleaning. Remember that a clean and cozy apartment is the key to the happy and healthy family. How beautiful it is to come back into the tidy and comfortable house after a long day! So, don`t be lazy, habituate your family members and yourself to regular cleaning. And our tips and modern devices will help you and save your efforts.

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