5 Ways To Achieve A Gorgeous Looking House With Concrete


A Gorgeous Looking House With Concrete

Concrete home design is slowly getting its way to the trend nowadays. Homeowners are starting to appreciate its unique design and recognize the benefit of having a solid stronghold for their property. Concrete homes are more durable and have cost-saving advantages. This is the reason why in the construction industry, ICF construction is in great demand.

Modern designers get their inspiration from ancient designs and turn them into modern, aesthetic, concrete houses. If you are one of those people who adore these kinds of designs, there are several concrete contractors that you can ask for advice. Find someone near you, maybe a concrete contractor in Orange County, so they can assess your quickly assess your property without having to travel far. They might make your dream house come true.

Regarding the design, you can search for suggestions and inspirations on how you can decorate your concrete home. To help you with that, we have come up with a list of five ways to achieve a gorgeous looking house using concrete.

  1. Concrete Walls In Your Bedroom, Living Room, And Kitchen

You can match the walls of your concrete house and set the theme of that part of the room based on the color of the concrete. An example of this is when you have a gray-colored wall; you can add and expose some metal that matches the wall’s color. You can also try to add some furniture that would fit your wall’s color, such as textured fabrics, upholstered sofas, and furniture made from dark natural wood. Ideally, neutral colors would look perfect.

Another example is when your concrete walls have that smooth or speckled look with natural divots; you can try adding a black steel chandelier that perfectly matches the color and the natural dents of the concrete. For your kitchen, marble tiles with a concrete wall are two perfect combinations. The aesthetic look of the wall will go perfectly with the marble countertop of your kitchen.

Concrete walls can also enhance something in glorious white color, so if you plan to put some appliances or furniture in your kitchen, make sure that it has light colors. The bedroom design will probably look the same as the theme of your living room. You can add some black, gray, or white-colored pillowcases or bedsheets. You can also try to put carpets with animal prints for a pop of character to finish the look of your bedroom.

  1. Make A Window Out Of Unfinished Concretes

If you want to apply windows on specific rooms, windows made from glass are highly recommended. All of the concrete houses that you see always have a glass window or a glass door. You can also add natural wood, which can contrast the unfinished concrete design of your wall that serves as your window. You can also apply this design to your bathroom, which will make you feel like you are bathing in the outdoors. Surrounding the bathtub with grass and adding some candles will perfectly match your concrete window made from glass doors.

  1. Exterior Design

Match the whole look and color of your concrete house, and try to base your exterior design on that. You can add some pathways made from bricks or concrete patio walk designs to create that aesthetic and unique look. Put some tall plants at the sides and place a black-colored lamp post into it to match the concretes’ natural color. If you want to step up your game, then you can also build a marble-tiled swimming pool.

  1. Garage Design

If you plan on creating a garage for your car that would match the look of your concrete house, you can either go for an attached, detached, or an underground type of garage. The attached type needs to be the same color as the facade since it would be odd to have a different color while the garage is attached to your house. The detached type gives you a chance to create a new design, but be sure that it still matches the theme of your concrete home. You can also settle for an underground garage if you are up to it. An underground garage can give a unique design, and the look of your house from the outside would be stunning.

  1. Gate Design

You can try to match the look of your concrete house by placing two pillars on the entrance, a metal gate with marbles, or a fence made from concrete with metal bars at the top. Try to visualize these gates and decide which fits best for your concrete house. Additionally, modern wooden gates would also look gorgeous, complementing the concrete facade of your home.

In conclusion, concrete works complement well with neutral colors. You can still add some pop of color but try to mix and match which ones would go well with each other. To achieve that naturalistic look, concrete, plants, and wood are perfect to combine together. If you want to go for something minimalistic and modern, steelworks and glass would be an excellent blend for you.

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