5 Ways To Beautify Your Yard This Summer


5 Ways to Beautify your Yard this Summer

Every yard gets benefits from regular grass cutting, weeding, tree pruning, and lawn applications for healthy and pest-free grass. In addition to this, there are five ways to beautify your yard this summer that will improve curb appeal and create a friendly, inviting outdoor space.

  1. Colored Mulch Or Stones

Cedar Chips Around Trees

Instead of using plain-colored bark or cedar chips around trees and in flower beds, colored mulch or stones can be utilized. Doing so draws attention to beautiful trees and carefully planted flower beds. These ground coverings also provide insulation, retain moisture, prevent the growth of weeds, and keep lawnmowers from getting too close.

While working on your yard, be sure to wear appropriate clothing to prevent thorns, wood splinters, insects, and other irritants from causing personal injury. Rubber boots, work boots, mud boots, garden or chore gloves, and other clothing essentials can be purchased online from stores like Central Farm and Garden.

  1. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Yards that are dark at night are easily lit up with outdoor electric or solar lighting fixtures. These can be staked in the ground to line sidewalks, decks, or porches. They can also be mounted on a surrounding fence to accent an area for entertaining.

  1. Pavers And Walking Stones

Walking Stones

Grassy or mulched areas that are also high traffic spots benefit from the use of pavers or walking stones. This prevents wear and tear and the presence of mud in these locations. This alternative also adds style instead of a standard sidewalk.

  1. Unique Decorations And Attractions

Water Fountain

General garden and yard statues can be purchased from local stores. However, unique displays stand out and make a statement. A water fountain is enjoyable to watch along with the birds it attracts. Having a koi pond or an area with an outdoor glider and a trellis of hanging flower baskets creates a beautiful outdoor getaway. Unique flower beds can be made using a wagon wheel, painted rubber tire, or large metal tub.

  1. Update Surrounding Fence

Wood Fences

Wood fences need to be repainted almost every year with either the same color or a different shade for a whole new look. Many privacy fences incorporate shelves to place decorative statues or outdoor framed pictures. Even flowering vines like hummingbird vines or climbing roses can be trained to grow around fencing to create a wall of blooms.

Remember that your yard is an expression of your inner self. Have fun while beautifying your outdoor space, and remember that quality, not quantity is more effective and appealing.

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