5 Ways To Free Up Space In Your Garage By Using Overhead Storage


Garage Ceiling Storage

Most people throw all of their extra stuff and material into the garage. They never think about organizing all of this stuff until it becomes difficult for them to park their vehicle or run out of the storage room. If you are not interested in throwing all of your stuff away, you should consider installing garage ceiling storage racks. Overhead garage storage is a great way to open up floor space in your garage. You can place your most valuable items on a garage ceiling storage rack and protect them from water damage and rodents. Here are 5 ways that you can free up space in your garage by using overhead storage.

  1. Store Less-Used Items on Overhead Shelves

For items that are seldom used, overhead shelves with joists attached to the ceiling and wall are handy. Overhead shelves are meant to store and support hundreds of pounds of stuff. You should consult with a professional garage storage team when installing overhead garage storage shelves. They will help you customize your overhead shelving, making them accessible for the physically disabled and shorter individuals.

  1. Store Loft Ladders And Heavy Household Items Overhead

Having large ladders comes in handy when you are doing housework. However, these ladders require storing space as well as maintenance. To avoid any potential trouble, you can have overhead shelves installed to store your bulky household items.

  1. Keep Seasonal Sporting Goods Overhead

You can also store a wide range of seasonal sports gear like boats, skis, kayaks, and roof racks on overhead shelves. You can arrange and store your recreational items without any inconvenience whatsoever. It is wise to call a professional garage storage expert to set up your shelves and specialty hooks for you.

  1. Utilize Overhead Bike Racks

The most common place for storing bicycles are in the garage. However, unused bicycles can take up a lot of space and prevent you from parking your vehicle in the garage. Fortunately, you can have overhead bike racks installed to store all of your bicycle equipment. Overhead racks come in both vertical and horizontal forms and use a pulley system that is manual as well as motorized.

  1. Take Advantage Of Your High Ceilings

If you have a garage with high ceilings, you could have a custom-built mezzanine installed to provide you with additional space. Your garage ceiling must be 14 feet high to accommodate the depth of the platform. Specialist racks and sturdy steel overhead shelves are great for storing items in the garage. Mezzanines are best used for storing bulky and heavy items.

If you are looking to hold onto all of your possessions and seldom-used items, then you should consult with a professional garage storage team and have them install good-quality overhead storage for you. Having extra storage space in your garage will free up the rest of your house and help you maintain order in your home.

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