5 Ways To Improve Your Home Décor This Year


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When you hear the expression “home décor,” that might not mean quite the same thing to everyone. One person might add a couple of throw pillows to their bedroom and call it a day. Someone else might bring in an interior designer and hash out how they want their home to look for many months before starting the project.

You should decorate your home as much or as little as you see fit. Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable there, but you also want to spend the right amount of money. You don’t need to go into debt decorating your home, so the price is certainly a factor as you look at some options and design ideas.

Let’s look at ways you might improve your home’s décor in 2022. If one of these notions appeals to you, you can put it into action immediately.

  1. Update Your Home’s Outdoor Patio

You’ll enjoy updating your small outdoor patio if you spend a lot of time there. If you have mild spring weather where you live, that’s a time when you can improve this space so you can use it in the summer and during the fall. You might have cookouts there if you get a grill. Firing up the grill lets you invite your friends and family members over, and even your neighbors if you like them.

You have multiple options if you want to update an outdoor patio. For instance, you might get yourself a large, collapsible umbrella.

You need one of these if you don’t have a lot of trees in your yard providing shade. Getting a collapsible umbrella lets you create shade whenever you need it, especially if you want to hang out on the patio and read a book or drowse during the summer’s hottest months.

You can also get some lighting for ambiance. For example, you may string some Chinese lanterns with colored bulbs inside them. In the twilight, if you turn on those lanterns by plugging them into an outdoor electrical outlet, you can have a soft red or yellow lighting effect by buying colored bulbs.

  1. The Front Door Sets The Tone

You can certainly improve your décor inside the home, but you may want to start at the front door. That is the first thing someone notices when they visit unless you and your guests typically enter through a back or side door.

You can paint the door a different color, perhaps one that’s unlike the rest of your home’s primary outdoor color. Maybe you have a gray or beige house. Those are neutral colors, and a bright, vivid door can accent the home’s exterior nicely.

Painting the door red or blue makes it stand out. Just make sure your chosen color doesn’t clash with the rest of the home’s exterior paint.

If you feel like a different-colored front door makes too bold of a statement, you can also get yourself a new door knocker. Maybe you can get a brass or copper one. You might also get one shaped like a dragon’s head, a lion’s head, a sea monster, or something equally exciting or eye-catching.

  1. Rearrange The Living Room Furniture

If no one likes visiting your house, maybe you haven’t used the space as well as you can. You might congregate in the kitchen if you’re cooking something, but if you have company over, they need somewhere to sit. Unless you have a kitchen table, the living room or den will get most of the attention.

How have you arranged the furniture there? If no one likes to sit down and talk in the den, living room, or family room, maybe you’ve set up the seating incorrectly.

If you have a couch and a couple of armchairs, you should set them up in a way so that the people can face each other when they sit down. If they have to turn their heads painfully to the side or contort their bodies to see each other, that’s no good.

Take your time and arrange the furniture in a way so people can easily speak to each other. If your furniture doesn’t let you do that, you may have to think about bringing in different couches, loveseats, chairs, etc.

  1. Let In The Sun

You should try to get some natural light in the house whenever and however you can. You might have some blackout curtains or shades that you keep drawn down during the daytime. If you’re entertaining, though, that’s not the most accommodating setup.

You should lift the blinds partway up and open some windows on nice days. You’ll let in some natural light, and people will appreciate that as long as you don’t blind them with direct sunlight in their eyes.

Once the sun sets, you can draw the shades all the way down and light some candles for mood. You might get some sconces at Goodwill or the Dollar Store if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Mood lighting works well once you’ve served some cocktails and you’re encouraging quiet conversation among your guests.

  1. Every Room Needs A Mirror

If you have space for it, try to hang an antique or ornate mirror in every room. If you’re trying to improve your décor, but you live in a small apartment or smaller-sized house without much floor space, you must try to make your quarters seem bigger. Putting up mirrors lets you create that illusion.

Rectangular mirrors in each room make that area seem more spacious. They also bounce the light around the room, which works well when the sun goes down, and you’ve lit your candles.

If you can find older mirrors with ornate or gilded frames, you can use those as conversation starters. You can also find art prints to hang on the walls. You should get away from the old concert or band posters at some point. Most people think those are fine for college dorms, but not adult living situations.

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  1. Those are some very good suggestions! One more tip – use lighting to enhance your home’s beauty. Consider LED lights for this – they come in different colors and can be dimmed, giving you the option to go for a bold or calm vibe. Plus, according to this source https://happyhiller.com/blog/mood-lighting-that-will-save-you-money/, they use at least 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs.


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