5 Ways To Keep Critters Away From Your Beautiful Home


Keep Critters Away

Do you see all those nasty critters running around in your garden? If you’re not careful, they will eventually make their way into your home. Once they do, it’s going to cause all sorts of damage and hurt your wallet.

You need to ensure they don’t get anywhere near the inside of your home in the first place. Do you have any idea where you’d start? Let’s discuss some of the best tricks you’ll be able to implement in the coming weeks.


Keep Tree Branches Trimmed

Custom Contracting has 30+ years of experience in roofing services in Hamilton and comes across the same problems all the time. When they have to fix holes squirrels squeeze into, large trees are usually close to the roof.

If you have branches anywhere near the roof, squirrels will use them as launchpads to land on your home. Other animals will also take advantage of branches leading to the roof, so trim them to remove temptations.

Check For Holes In The Attic

While carrying out Burlington asphalt roofing services, Custom Contracting finds roofs with small holes filled in. When speaking to some customers, it wasn’t because they wanted to prevent water from entering the attic.

The holes were filled in to stop animals from squeezing inside. You should go into the attic to check for small holes too. Fill in those bigger than a coin because tiny animals somehow find a way to squeeze into them.

Don’t Keep Bird Feeders Around.

I know it’s nice to feed birds when possible because you don’t want them to starve. Just make sure you’re not doing it anywhere near your home. Lots of birds will rest on the top of your roof while they’re in the area.

A small percentage of the birds could find a way into your attic if the cement falls away behind your gutters. There is a bigger chance of them getting into your attic if you’re encouraging them to visit your home.

Remove Old Animal Nests Right Now

If there are nests near your roof, you’ll need to call someone to knock them down. When you’re in the attic, check to see if any nests are lying around. If the nests you find are empty, it’s still essential.

Animals don’t have a problem moving into an old nest and creating a new home. Getting rid of old nests means it’s less likely they’ll show up. If animals can’t find anything to sleep in, they might move on to the next house.

Store Your Garbage Properly

Do you keep your garbage outside until it’s time to be taken away? If so, you’ll need to make sure it’s stored correctly because animals will be attracted to it. The first thing that will attract animals is odors.

Keep trash bags in sealed containers that won’t release scents into the air. They should be stored in something animals won’t be able to chew through. Plus, the lid shouldn’t fall off if something decides to push it over.

No Good Will Come From Critters

The only animals that should be welcome in your home are pets. If you let wild critters sneak around, it’s going to cause damage and headaches.

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