5 Ways To Make Your Apartment Look And Feel Luxurious


Staying in a hotel always brings a good mood because of its luxurious yet comfortable environment. While checking in would always sound like a plan, it might be costly. To avoid paying for hotels, you should consider redesigning your own apartment to make it look and feel luxe.

While you can always hire a designer or developer, like Luton Developments, and leave all the decision-making and work in their hands, it’d be great to pitch in your idea so you can further express yourself through your home. With proper research, you can allow your home to be luxurious yet still personal.

Here are the ways to make your apartment look and feel luxurious:

  1. Change The Light Fixtures

Luxurious Ambiance

Light might seem to be a small thing inside your home as you rarely notice it once you enter the room. However, if you use it correctly, it can help lift the appearance of your apartment and provide a luxurious ambiance that’ll put you in a great mood.

You can begin by updating your light fixtures into something more creative and luxurious. Including plenty of metals and bulbs can do the trick. Moreover, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a high ceiling as there are plenty of light fixtures that work well with average ceiling heights. Additionally, you can also change your light colors into warm light instead of white as they can help promote a relaxing yet grand-looking environment.

  1. Use The Right Color Scheme

You can allow your apartment to look and feel luxurious by ditching random color choices inside your room. Ideally, you should use a solid color scheme and stick to it for the entire room. This will include your walls, furniture, fixtures, hardware, and even decorations. Just ensure an appropriate ratio of the colors to allow for an excellent blend and luxury.

When choosing a luxury color scheme, the safest colors would be wood, beige, and white. However, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you could try using dark colors, such as emerald, navy blue, and maroon. Strategically, you can add other colors, such as black, gold, or white.

  1. Include Artworks

Adding artworks inside your home can help make the room look expensive since these usually don’t come in cheap. However, you must be particular with the pieces you choose as you need to ensure that they’ll match well with your interiors.

If you’re low on budget but want to incorporate artworks, why not create your own?  All you need to do is bring out a canvas and explore various painting techniques. You might even brush your pen playfully and see if the results would be excellent. This could help improve your art skills and, at the same time, give your home a personal touch.

  1. Update The Hardware

Redesigning Apartment

Often, all you need is to update your home’s hardware to make it look and feel luxurious. Even if they may seem insignificant, their quality and appearance can greatly affect your home’s ambiance.

For a luxurious touch, you should consider updating your hardware into matte black, bronze, or gold. Ideally, all colors should match as mismatched colors might not help bring out that feeling of grandeur; instead, what you might achieve is a messy and unorganized look. Moreover, ensure that you choose a color that can help accentuate your home’s best features rather than overpower them.

  1. Incorporate Textiles

Luxurious doesn’t mean everything has to be hard and sturdy. Sometimes, comfort matters as well. To make your home feel comfortable yet fancy, adding textiles around the room would surely be ideal. This will help avoid blank spaces and make the room feel homey yet luxe.

You can begin by adding plenty of throw pillows of different sizes on your sofa. Moreover, apart from decorating your sofa, you can also have fleece and soft rugs at the center of your sofa set, or you can choose to go with one that can cover the entire area. Lastly, adding soft and delicate curtains that go from ceiling to floor would surely help make the room feel and look luxurious.

The Verdict

A luxurious apartment would surely make you feel better every time you return home. You’ll be able to see all of your hard work paying off, allowing yourself to escape reality, and live a luxurious and relaxing life. But, take note that as you mix and match various shades and textures, ensure that they’ll blend well so you can achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing look.


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