5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look More Luxurious


Luxurious Bathroom

While renovating the bathroom can be quite an investment, you don’t need a big decorating budget to create a luxurious bathroom. Simple changes can make a big difference, like changing the lighting, using marble features, or adding art.

There are endless possibilities you can use to make your space feel luxe. Set on a budget and do your research right to be able to create a beautiful space with simple luxurious features.

Here are some tips on how to make your bathroom look more luxurious.

  1. Minimalism

Minimalism is one of the simplest ways to make a space look luxurious. Painting a room white with a couple of features will not only make it look more spacious but also clean and expensive. Most luxury modern bathroom designs consist of white cabinets and countertops that create a simple and elegant Scandinavian-style bathroom.

Note that a casual bathroom can look more expensive if you add simple features like white towels or indulge in classy containers. You can also use white bath linens and a light neutral paint hue to create a high-end hotel bathroom style. Neutral accessories paired with white rugs and linens will tie everything together perfectly.

  1. Use Marble Features

Marble is a timeless construction material that has been used for centuries and always stuns users with its elegance. Accent walls, bathtubs, sinks, and floors are a great option for those looking to build a trendy marble bathroom that will stay stylish for a long time. For example, if you’re opting for minimalism, you can choose white marble as it will look beautiful and luxurious.

Marble is water-resistant and is appropriate for many décor styles, including modern, classic, contemporary, and so on. Remember, you should pay attention when adding marble floors because some finishes have low slip resistance, which can make them dangerous when wet. To avoid this, you can use rugs or simply a finish with higher slip resistance.

  1. Add Art And Simple Furniture

Almost every high-end bathroom is equipped with some sort of art. Placing an interesting painting could tremendously change the look of your bathroom and add a little edge and luxe to it. Not only paintings, but you can add interesting wallpapers to create a custom bathroom style. Wallpapers are perfect for transforming your bathroom, and you can only use them for an accent wall or the ceiling.

On the other hand, if you have plenty of space, don’t hesitate to add an ottoman or a chair. It will immediately give your bathroom a luxurious look. If you opt for raw wood, it will add depth and dimension against hard tiles for a well-balanced scene. Another great thing about it is that you can now do your pedicure on your new chair instead of the toilet seat.

  1. Simple Upgrades

Upgrading your bathtub, showerhead, tiles, fixtures, and such can do so much for a new bathroom look. Porcelain bathtubs are a classic, but if you want to opt for a more luxurious style, a good bathtub material choice would be stone. It’s eye-catching and perfect for anyone looking to create a spa-like environment in their home.

The same goes for replacing the showerhead in your bathroom for those using a shower cabin instead of a bathtub. There are many affordable ones with great designs that will make your bathroom look chic without trying too much.

In addition, you might also consider changing the lighting. The trick is to put handsome lighting like a chandelier over the vanity or tub or simply use dimmed lights to create a romantic atmosphere.

  1. Use Plants

If your bathroom has windows, it would be another great place in your house where you can put greenery to add life and color to the room. While plants live longer due to the humidity in the bathroom, remember they also need light to survive. Moreover, they will be the perfect decoration for your bathroom windows. If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, you can opt for faux flowers, or you can put a few small paintings of flowers.

Note that most luxurious bathrooms use the outdoors as a design element, so look for ways to bring the outdoors in simply by adding plants or artwork depicting plants. If you want to improve your bathroom’s feng shui, you need to put living green houseplants since plants transform the downward energy of water into vital life energy.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of other ways to upgrade your bathroom to make it look more luxurious, but we only mentioned a few ones that are considered the simplest. Declutter your bathroom and use a minimalist approach if you don’t work with a big budget. White and simple does bring a luxe approach to modern decor.

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