5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look More Spacious


A kitchen of any size can look spacious with the help of a few tricks. Gone are the days when people had to deconstruct their homes to make every room bigger. In today’s time, interior designers are coming up with interesting ways to uplift the space of a room. Choosing white cabinets and themed walls is a good start, but there are many other ways to make your small kitchen look roomy. Here in this discussion, we will guide you through some quick tips to prepare your kitchen this year:

  1. Restrain Your Hardware

Kitchen Accessories

Most households have exaggerated accessories in a kitchen that make the place look too small. Secondly, if your kitchen is already small, the best thing is to collect all the hardware and set a separate space for it. Divide your kitchen space according to stuff like hardware, cutting accessories, utensils, etc. Once you chuck out the extra clutter from the kitchen, it will eventually start looking bigger. If you can afford, the best way is to install automatic cabinets that can be operated with an app on your phone.

  1. Change The Window

Kitchen Windows

A lot of people complain about being confused when choosing windows for the kitchen. Keep in mind; it is essential to have a glass window in the kitchen if you have a furnished house. This way, you can open it in the early hours of the morning and roll it down in the evening. A classy glass window has the power to make a small space look bigger. Check Clera Windows and Doors online to get an idea about what you want. Make sure you have professionals around to install the windows for you.

  1. Use Shelf Uppers

Kitchen Shelves

In a small, it wouldn’t be wise enough to remove all the cabinets. Therefore, you can take help from somebody at home and incorporate shelf uppers. Not only do they consume less space, but equally add to the aesthetic appeal of the room. You can install shelf uppers in any part of the room. A few open shelves can easily handle storage jars, bins, cookbooks, and spice jars. Don’t forget to stick to a single theme when incorporating them.

  1. Install Glass Door Cabinets

Glass Door Cabinets

Incorporating white cabinets in the kitchen is a cliché idea that has already been adopted by millions across the globe. Therefore, you need to do something different to make your kitchen stand out this year. Another interesting way to improve the visual appeal of your kitchen is to add glass door cabinets. They look bigger and can incorporate a fresh vibe in the space. Though they’re slightly expensive as compared to wooden cabinets, surely help in making the kitchen look bigger.

  1. Change Traditional lighting

Energy Efficient Kitchen LED Lighting

Are you still obsessed with larger than life-sized bulbs in your kitchen? Chuck them out and install LED lights to deck up your kitchen. Traditionally, people would install heat giving bulbs in the kitchen to ensure visibility. Now, LED lights have replaced most kinds of lighting options. Secondly, they are cheaper and don’t give out heat. Choose a suitable spot in the kitchen for them and incorporate them with the help of a professional.

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