5 Ways To Make Your Living Room Cozier This Summer


After a long day, your living room is your safe space and retreat. While you can always enjoy relaxing in your bedroom, seeing your living room looking so calm and serene would always help put you in a good mood once you open your door.

Summer is usually warm and hot. Apart from trying to make your room cool, why not try to make it look cozy instead? You can let the power of an air conditioning unit keep the room cool while you focus on making the area feel comfortable and safe. Moreover, listed below are the ways to make your living room cozier this summer:

  1. Add A Bean Bag

One of the highlights of making a room feel cozy and comfortable is the seating options available around the room. Adding more cushions to your sofa would help make the room feel relaxed. While an accent chair would help fill up some space, adding a bean bag would even elevate your comfort level.

A bean bag has all the right amount of comfort and relaxation in a single piece of furniture. You can read articles online from RelaxComfy.com to learn more about bean bags. While going for a loud color would always be an incredible idea as you could help highlight a piece of great furniture, allowing it to blend with your living room’s color scheme would help to make the room look and feel cozy this summer.

  1. Place A Carpet

Even if you have dark-colored flooring for your living room, keeping it bare won’t help make the room feel cozier and comfortable. It might even help make the room feel incomplete and miss something that could be hard to pinpoint. To allow your living room to look and feel cozier during the summer, adding a carpet in the center of the room would always be a perfect idea.

Placing a carpet or rug inside your living room isn’t just purchasing any rug and tossing it around. Be specific about its size and colors to provide a cozy atmosphere around the room. A large carpet can cover most of the seating area inside the living room. Going for a shaggy rug would also help make the room feel cozy. If your flooring is already plain, a patterned carpet can help lift the place and vice versa.

  1. Go For Warm Colors

Warm Colors

Using warm colors can help set the mood and make the space feel cozy and comfortable. You can begin playing with beige, white, light gray, and brown. While they’re more of a neutral tone, strategically placing them inside the room would help to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Ideally, it would help if you went for light wall colors, typically warm white or light gray. You can add a two-tone sofa that uses a lighter shade for the entire sofa piece and a darker color for the furnishings. Moreover, your decorations should mix light and dark shades to complement the room well. Choosing a coffee table would certainly be up to you. While using a neutral color would work best, a glass table would be perfect for maximizing small spaces.

  1. Place Plenty Of Throw Pillows

A cozy and comfortable living room is a place where you can quickly dive into relaxation any time you want. While you might have a bulky sofa to go with your living room, it’s also a good idea to add plenty of throw pillows. This will help you to cuddle up on a good cushion while you enjoy the AC turned on during the peak of the summer.

When adding throw pillows to your sofa and accent chair, try to be creative and play with various shapes and sizes. You can mix and match large and small pillows along with square, round, and rectangular ones. This will help to give your living room a good depth and definition that’ll surely help amp up the space.

  1. Match Your Blinds Or Curtains

Using blinds or curtains inside your living room is necessary during summer, especially since you need to keep the sun out as it could help make the room feel warmer and uncomfortable. With those, you could maximize your curtain’s full potential by allowing it to be aesthetically pleasing inside the room but still serve a great purpose.

You can begin by changing your curtains or blinds into warmer colors. However, if you feel that the heat is still coming through the room, try to use blackout curtains and add another layer of curtains for the room. That’ll help keep the heat out while still providing your space with a lighter and warmer tone. There are dual rods available on the market to place two curtains simultaneously.

The Verdict

As summer approaches, expect to experience warmer temperatures that might help to make you feel uncomfortable. To keep the coziness of what winter brings to your room, always try to make it cozy and relaxing. While it might seem warmer, turning up the AC and using blackout curtains would surely hit the spot.

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