5 Ways To Maximize A Small Backyard Space


Small Garden

Having a garden, no matter how small, is a great space for families and guests to rest and spend time on. The best part is, your small garden or backyard can even become an extension of your living space!

Outdoor living is so in, and you can transform your backyard into a creative and enjoyable space. Even with the small space you have, you can still make good use of it. The key is to learn how to maximize your space. And, of course, you need to use a bit of creativity as well.

With that said, here are examples of ways you can make the most out of your small yard’s square footage:

  1. Create A Covered Seating Area

Pergolas, decks, patios. These all exist for a reason. Covered sitting areas made by the best retractable gazebo/pergola give you a place to lounge and hang out in your garden. When you have a sitting area, you can entertain guests without worrying about cleaning and prepping the inside of your home. You can also enjoy meals with your family as a break from indoor dining.

You don’t need an expensive build or renovation for this project. If you shop at the right time, you may even be able to find outdoor furniture at a discounted price.

  1. Grow A Small Vegetable Garden

Who says you need to have a big plot of land to have that farm-to-table experience? Even with the small space you have, you can start cultivating your garden as well. Research and learn more about gardening with a small space. Apart from planting on soil, you can also make use of your fence for a vertical garden.

Growing your own vegetable garden might seem like a lot of work. But if city dwellers with no garden at all can have their mini garden, you can too. The effort is worth it when you’ve got herbs and vegetables ready to pick during harvest season.

  1. Landscape Your Yard

Perhaps you’re looking at your yard right now, and it’s not just giving you an inspiration at all. That’s understandable, as what can you expect from a garden that’s just a mix of random plants and weeds all over the place?

If you haven’t considered it yet, it’s worth landscaping your garden. However, this is something best left in the hands of experts. Landscaping doesn’t just make your garden look more aesthetically pleasing; it can also allow you to enjoy your yard even more.

  1. Create Levels

Creating different levels in your garden achieves two things. First, it makes your garden look more put-together and aesthetically pleasing. Second, it creates the illusion of more space, which can instantly make your garden look bigger.

When you have different levels in your garden, it’s also easier to separate it into different areas. On one side, you may want to have a small playset for the children. On another, you can have some outdoor seating or pergola. Then, far behind, you can have your vegetable garden. Whatever you want to put, you can make your garden look more put-together when each space and use is well-defined.

  1. Add A Swing Or Hammock

Does your small backyard have a tree? Please don’t cut it down. While the tree itself may be eating up space in what little area you’re already working with, trees serve very functional purposes.

First, having that tree enables you to maximize your garden’s use as it provides a cool and natural shade. Second, the branches can be used to hold swings or a hammock. This means added space for some fun or lounging.

Lastly, at night, the tree branches can also be used to hang some outdoor lights. These can make your backyard look cozier and better lit, too. You don’t have to scramble on to go back inside your house when the sun sets, as now you have enough outdoor lighting to illuminate the space.

Backyard Ideas


As you may now have learned, there are so many things you can do, even with whatever limited space it is you’re working on. You don’t need to have a very big garden for you to make the most out of it. There’s a whole myriad of possibilities you can choose from the list above and even add your ideas. As you go through the different options of changes in your garden, the key is to choose according to your preference. That way, you’re certain that your garden is indeed a space for the entire family to love.


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