5 Ways To Pamper Your Hand-Carved Furniture


It is hard to imagine a home without furnishings because, honestly, they’re indispensable for creating a comfortable living space. For homeowners, it makes sense to invest a large amount of time, money, and energy in buying the furniture that best complements their living spaces in accordance with the individual tastes of the owners.

Also, with online and offline marketplaces rapidly increasing the number of options available and showcasing the latest trends and styles, more and more buyers are now looking for exquisite and unique pieces of furniture that cater to both style and general function.

Consequently, many homeowners want to know how to take care of their furniture, especially in the case of precious antiques or delicate hand-carved pieces.

So, to help you out a little, we’ve put together a few how-tos below:

  1. Scratches And Marks

Hand Carved Furniture

Often, an accidental scratch or mark on the surface tarnishes the beauty of ornate furniture. This problem is quickly resolved by using a marker or crayon to cover or color in the affected area. The recommended way is to first cover the scratch or mark with a color that is slightly lighter than that of the wood and then further apply another color that is darker than the previous one. A permanent marker can also do wonders with these kinds of issues; markers with fine tips are even more useful because they can reach the little spaces within the carving in the furniture.

  1. Wax, Oil, And Spray

Hand Carved Furniture

Take good care of your hand-carved furniture and give it a little love. While using furniture wax every six months works with normal pieces, it may not help with hand-carved furniture because the wax could settle into a corner and form a thick layer that attracts dust particles. And you don’t want that.

Instead of wax, try using furniture oil. The oil should be spread gently on the entire surface, say with a paintbrush, and allowed to sit overnight. It should then be cleaned with a thin piece of cloth, which can work itself into the nooks in the carving.

Another way to address the problem is to use aerosol furniture cleaning sprays, which not only remove the settled dust particles but also maintain the furniture’s finish.

  1. Light Dusting

Hand Carved Furniture

Hand-carved furniture can pose a problem while dusting because of the many nooks and crannies in the design.  A cotton cloth is good for everyday cleaning, but it isn’t great to reach those inaccessible corners and crevices. A soft-bristle toothbrush, on the other hand, makes an excellent cleaning instrument because its bristles can reach all of those areas.

  1. Dry Cleaning

Often, people attempt to clean wooden furniture with water, which is seldom a good idea. Water, even if used in small amounts, is usually absorbed by the wood fibers, which leads to moisture retention and, thus, weakens the solidity of the wood gradually.

The chances of the furniture being damaged more quickly are much higher in such cases. So instead, a vacuum cleaner does the job much more efficiently. It removes the loose dust particles without allowing any moisture to settle into the furniture, tack on your brush accessory, and get moving with a slow and gentle hand.

  1. Location

The chances of damage increase rapidly with moisture retention. Thus, the placement of furniture is an important consideration. It is advisable to keep hand-carved, wooden furniture away from devices that might release moisture into the air.

Go the extra mile and use coasters and napkins to prevent the moisture from transferring into the wood. Moisture may also lead to fungal growth or wood rot, which is excessively harmful to any wooden artifact.

Furthermore, the effect of heat is also quite damaging to wooden furniture because it loosens the fibers and weakens the intrinsic strength of the wood. Therefore, create a well-lit space, but one that can also be transformed into a cool, dry, shady area.

These quick fixes are easy, quick, and certainly doable by average folks like us. And if you’re averse to stepping out in the heat, a staggering variety of these ‘furniture care’ products can be seen at online marketplaces, along with attractive deals and offers for furniture.

Give them a look and see if you can find a solution that works for you.

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