5 Ways To Prevent Security Features Ruin Your Home’s Aesthetics


It can ruin your home overnight.

When it’s time to improve your home’s security features, you may feel beaten. You win the battle against criminals. Unfortunately, they force you to destroy your home’s aesthetics.

Or do they?

All you need is a bit of creativity.

Prevent your home or office has a clinical look. It doesn’t even have to cost you much.

Your security features can make you feel safe. At the same time, you can give your home a small makeover.

Here’s how to disguise some home security features. You may even prefer the final result.

  1. The Process

Aesthetics must play a role from the start. Employing professionals prevent you from destroying your own home.

Experts know which security doors, windows and features work. They know how to install them too. They have:

  • The knowledge
  • The tools
  • The experience

Do you?

  1. Use Nature

One of your best partners in aesthetics is nature.

You can use many ways to conceal security features:

  • Cameras: Cameras are small. A simple pot plant affords enough coverage to hide a camera. You can pick the plant by the height of the camera. Make sure the leaves don’t block the lens. This is perfect for mobile cameras too. Place the camera in the pot itself.
  • Doors: If a door is picked for its strength it’s usually not very pretty. A plant can be your answer. Take surprise focus off the door by placing a beautiful plant next to it. This is perfect for entrance halls.
  • Gates: Gates can be decorative merely, but they’re still harsh and foreboding. Soften the look by letting ivy grow across the entire gate. It even improves your privacy.

If you don’t want additional responsibility for watering plants, you can use artificial ones as well.

  1. Positioning

Correctly positioning cameras is half your battle won. You may not need additional objects to cover them.

Place security cameras under eaves or in the shade. This makes them less visible. It also affects your exterior aesthetics less.

If you don’t want cameras on the exterior of your home move them inside. As long as your windows are kept clean, modern cameras can capture clear footage through them. Position the cameras inside your home and angle them to point outwards. This will protect the cameras against the elements too.

  1. Is Your Safe Safe?

Where will criminals head first?

You may have excellent security systems, but some criminals bypass it all. Prevent them from finding your safe. If they can’t find it, they can’t break it open.

Here are a few tips:

  • Install your safe in one of the lesser used rooms. Criminals expect a safe to be in an important area.
  • Draw attention away from the area your safe is held or installed. Cover it with furniture. Place more striking items on the other side of the room. You’ll be surprised how effective psychology can be. Remember you’re trying to keep them from finding it. If they’re in a rush, they’ll run past it without even noticing it.
  • Install a safe inside a cupboard. Every barrier you place between a criminal and your safe helps prevent it being opened. They’ll have limited time. Make sure you waste as much of their time as possible.
  • Cover the safe with a painting.

All these methods help you keep your home—and favourite rooms—free from clinical security features. You don’t want to stare at a safe door every time you enter your bedroom.

  1. Home Features are Versatile

The secret to excellent security is to make features disappear. You don’t want criminals to know about them.

Covering your cameras with new items tells criminals you’re up to something. This may keep them off your premises, or they’ll try and damage the cameras. Since they know where they are this is easy.

Make it difficult for them. Use your current home features as obstructions:

  • Interior: You can use a stuffed animal in children’s rooms. This doesn’t seem out of place. No criminal will know about the camera. In other rooms, you can use vases, books or trophies. Add holes to them where necessary. Even light switch plates can work. There are many on the market. You can customise one to fit your needs.
  • Exterior: A birdhouse or birdfeeder is an excellent hiding place. You probably have one already. Simply give it a new purpose. What else is in your garden?

Inform your family of your plans, so they don’t accidentally damage the cameras you install.

Final Thought – Something I Never Knew

You may not know that your security features must be legal. This even concerns their visibility.

Legislation regarding security camera use requires you to adhere to specific guidelines. It’s all about each person’s right—even criminals have rights—to privacy.

Make sure you’re not on the wrong side of the law. Confirm with your lawyer before you make your final plans.

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