5 Ways To Rearrange Your Loft

On June 18, 2015 by Himanshu Shah

Most traditional family houses possess spacious loft, which is used only as storage for household appliances and old furniture that house members don’t even use. On the other side, house owners often long for spare room, not realizing that loft offer tremendous opportunities, and instead of being passive hoarding space, it can easily become another comfy nook. If you want to give your loft better purpose, implement some of these 5 fabulous rearranging ideas:

  1. Modern Loft Bedroom

Loft Bedroom DesignsComfortable bedrooms tucked within the loft are not just brilliant makeover idea, but a greatly modern architectural venture. You can equip the loft with large bed, book shelves, even a nearby seating area, but it’s recommendable to plan exact furniture layout in advance. In case your loft doesn’t have windows, fulfil the space with romantic in-ceiling lights, rich chandelier or bed-side lamps. Use curtains, glass panels or effective rugs to define bedroom parts, and highlight the ceiling beams by attaching stylish photography. Even wall recesses can be used as place for modern closets and stylish bookcases.

  1. Music Studio Within The Loft

Loft Music StudiosIn order to achieve environment that can meet music studio requirements, ensure that your loft space has safe electro installations and enough sockets, and check whether you should install additional power items. To transform your loft into functional and comfortable music room, you should consider loft insulation grants in order to provide proper thermo and sound insulation. Roof slopes and indentations can be turned into functional cabinets for records or smaller equipment parts.

  1. Loft Office Space

Loft Office SpaceA lot of people dream about home-based office and loft is just excellent for it, so you can create smaller office or even spacious business space for you and your co-workers. Adjust your loft area so it creates healthy working ambient, where high-quality insulation and installation of additional roof windows present core step. Windows can also be installed on side walls if they’re not too low, while stable internet connection and electricity sources belong to the things you must include. Rely on combination of business furniture and relaxing seating area which you can separate with greenery or sliding doors.

  1. Great Loft Playing Nook

Loft Play AreaYou can afford your kids their own indoor playground within the loft and avoid scattered toys all over the living room. Feel free to cover walls with interesting wallpapers and set up a cute mini sofa, chairs and table, but make sure you provided a thick and warm floor covers, quality ventilation and safe heating sources. Also, pay attention that windows are on higher level and exclude sharp edges by polishing internal beams and poles.

  1. Loft As Artsy Atelier

loft-atelierAt first sight unattractive, loft surrounding actually creates perfect environment for ateliers that carry real artistic sprit. You can leave ceiling beams or brick wall parts visible and refresh them with finishes in natural colours. Add horizontal wooden panels between roof sides to create useful shelves, install timber floors and hanging chandeliers and you’ll have authentic in-house atelier.

Transformation options that secluded house areas, such as lofts offer is one more proof that little creativity is all you need for turning abandoned spot into pleasant and functional indoor environment.

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